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The United States forensic said 1 crash girl might be knocked down on the runway

Posted Jul 10 2013 3:40am

The United States forensic said 1 crash girl might be knocked down on the runway

More than the United States San Francisco Fire Department officials and the coroner says 7 days, Boeing day Asiana Airlines 777 aircraft landing accident killed two Chinese female citizens died, in which a person finds an ambulance is rolling over the traces, the fire department and forensic office to determine fake jerseys wholesale the cause of death.

The girl was knocked down on the runway

The United States San Francisco Fire Department spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge 7, said: "a dead scars on the body and the vehicle rolling over the traces...... Yesterday (6 days) many departments (vehicle) are on the scene."

"San Francisco Chronicle" quoted the same day San Francisco Fire Department Director Joanna Hayes - White's words to report, found in the plane crash, one side of the body on the vehicle rolling scars. "On the basis of scar retained condition, (ambulance rolled) this can happen, we might be vehicles or other vehicles due to the scar."

The United States of America in San Mateo County coroner Robert Fukro confirmed that the fire department. Fukeluo said, fake oakley wholesale a 16 year-old Chinese girl might be an ambulance down on the runway. The forensic department will local time 8 days to finish the autopsy report, and confirm the vehicle rolling is the direct cause of the girl or girl for secondary incident plane crash killed after "".

According to the forensic Department said, rescue workers found a Chinese girl's body in the accident aircraft tail breaks, then in the passenger side 9 meters place, near the aircraft life slide to find another girl body.

Xinhua News Agency reporter tried to contact the San Francisco Fire and forensic department, but the telephone has been no answer.

Chinese Consulate General in Losangeles news group leader Wang Chuan 8, told Xinhua by telephone, the Consulate General is also trying to contact the local multiple agencies, to confirm the news.

Su Liang (Xinhua Zhuangao)

Also the news (news correspondent Han Xuyang Goldsmith) last night, the Beijing News reporters call in San Mateo County coroner's office, the staff said, now has started the autopsy of the two Chinese girl, they will be announced in the autopsy after completion.

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6 passengers were not optimistic

According to the American media reports 8 days, after the crash, 123 uninjured people leave, a total of 182 patients were sent to the San Francisco city each big hospital.

San Francisco General Hospital for surgery, Margaret Knudsen said to the media, "the hospital to cope with a large number of burn patients ready", but fortunately, "the passengers about the victim". According to Knudsen introduction, as happened in the evening, the San Francisco General Hospital received a total of 52 people, there are still 17 people receiving treatment at San Francisco General Hospital, 6 of them are still not optimistic.

A hospital spokesman Rachel Kagan said, the injured were sent to the complex, there are a lot of light to the injured left the hospital after treatment, without hospitalization. Introduction Margaret Knudsen says, the most yourself sitting in the rear of the plane, some abdominal injury, spinal fractures, this part of the people and the head injury. At the same time, there are some patients who have "serious scratch", may be due to "dragged".

In addition, the San Francisco public health departments to provide psychological counseling and treatment free of charge for the plane crash survivors and witnesses, expected to guide them as soon as possible out of the shadow.ljj014793

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