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the UGG Classic Cardy Boots 5819 body of the herding of at this time

Posted Nov 19 2012 1:57am
An in fine threads silk UGG Chrystie Boots 5512 thread continuously ties up to start to round the body of the herding of, the herding be held up by these fine threads to round, at this time, the gray heavy mist coagulates of shadow of human figure have no the openings way of emotion:"100001000 pear silks, Fu".Immediately those fine threads outwardly extended for several cents and immediately and quickly gathered together, the body of the herding was tightly tied up.The hands are tightly tied up to round, Chen Mu feels oneself seem to be tied up by that bandage. Once Chen Mu's step step and quickly start to fly, Chen Mu suspends to in the sky and continuously struggle all over, but struggles a short while, but Chen Mu discover a body up of'bandage'more and more tight, oneself can not flounce that at all'bandage'of tie.But at this time that gray heavy mist falsely the shadow have already held sword to hurtle to come up, a sword splits to chop down but descends, Chen Mu turns round to avoid being seen, but at this time, sees that gray heavy mist falsely copy malicious malicious sword to chop down bottom.What to is strange BE, gray heavy mist falsely shadow condense of lance, split to chop down out to incredibly have no sword spirit, the direct entity chops down at herding of bandage up. Leaped to take don't break, UGG Bailey Button 5809 anyway more intensive, but falsely the shadow coagulated into a rapid sword of virtuous lance to slice the hand that herd down, ache, matchless ache, tore the ache of heart crack lung.Chen Mu's that bloody right hand falls at ground up, the blood is still in the continuous run off.Chen Mu the complexion is pale at this time, the sweat on the face has already flowed down, loudly of greatly aggrieved bellow a , Chen Mu controls the true dollar in the oneself's body to flow out to right hand of position, those continuously resume the UGG Classic Cardy Boots 5819 body of the herding of at this time, live ache, Chen Mu's tooth tightly bites and have been already bitten bleed.Looking at oneself the returning of right hand is under a dollar sword, Chen Mu quickly revolves to start to fly, now Chen Mu already there is no strength resisting gray heavy mist falsely copy. Chen Mu is also regarded as an inborn superior, Chen Mu is also a martial superior Lin before fixing a way, so the body controls of the true dollar Be getting more nimble, quickly fly to shot into a sky but rise, generally hurtle a sky like the rocket but up.Chen Mu continuously revolves and continuously revolves. Ten Zhangs..... 40 Zhangs..... 100 Zhangs..... 150 Zhangs..... 180 Zhangs..... 500 Zhangs..... 1,000 Zhangs..... 2 people's height constantly rises, the double of the herding the feet continuously step, at this time he need not depend return a dollar sword, return the Shu of resisting of a dollar sword sword now Chen Mu have already not used to come out, while Chen Mu have already controled his/her own true dollar now live the ache of settling the hand. But Chen Mu's step continuously step, mumbling way in heart:"Teacher, teacher!Now how do, teacher!!Teacher" But, sword Huang Yu but have no response, Chen Mu's left foot steps right foot, immediately again rise several ten Zhangs, another time, the right foot step left foot and rose several ten Zhangs.But gray falsely the shadow then quickly hurtle a sky from the ground but up, blunt sky of but rise of still take at the same time a cripple shadow.Cripple the shadow pull to hit the second gathers eventually a chapter Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-1-715:58:16 chapter word numbers:3013 One person a falsely the shadow seem to have tacit understanding, only is compare height just, by this time, 2 people's height has already risen to the height of more than 3,000 Zhangs.But gray heavy mist falsely the shadow suddenly raise a to chop down lance toward Chen Mu.Once Chen Mu's complexion change, the step sooner steps, ascension of the speed is abrupt however increased three to divide, the gray heavy mist falsely copied a sword out of the blue, also abrupt however quickly increase ascension.2 people again rise to a height and take gray heavy mist this time the shadow falsely again chop down one sword, but again out of the blue. Like this keep on circulating up to 100, but 2 people still have no of injury, Chen Mu Zhi leaves a left hand to in the sky concuss around.But 2 people rises to 10,000 Zhangs now of Gao is empty up, Chen Mu at this time can also rise, but that gray heavy mist falsely shadow but can't again rise. Chen Mu incredibly thinks of the older generation son to see through week at this time star Chi movie inside of such as come to absolute being Zhang.Immediately the step again steps, each one step steps and all again fly to rise but rise, immediately once the body move to fall to go slowly and downward, the herding stretches out only left left hand, that huge cyclone bhjgjkuykjfyu in the body again and quickly revolves, while the speed of the heart palpitates again increase till every minute 200 times, rightness!Be every minute 200 times, Chen Mu takes out this time in addition to the true dollar of the whole body dint. But herd to infuse an all true dollar to note at left hand, although words say very slowly, but the words are chopped down from Chen Mu's right hand under to fly to the sky only have very short several minutes time.Chen Mu loudly roars way:"**Your ancestor of, cut down my right hand, Lao Tze wants you to die now!"In the roars voice, Chen Mu has already been getting more crazy, the all true dollar in the
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