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The Russian Pacific Fleet to the Mediterranean fleet the squadron

Posted Apr 06 2013 7:48am

The Russian Pacific Fleet to the Mediterranean fleet the squadron

Moscow 5 April report (reporter Hu Xiaoguang) the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on 5, the Russian Pacific Fleet ships formation has left the South China Sea to the Mediterranean, and proceed to the formation fake oakleys of the Mediterranean squadron.

The Russian Defense Ministry said, the Russian Pacific Fleet ships formation including large-scale anti-submarine "Pan Jie shelayev admiral", large landing ship "Peles waite" and "Nirvana amostver-sky admiral", "Pechenga" tanker and rescue tug "Fort Clay love". During the formation of ship sailing on the sea, will stop at foreign ports for material and technical supply, plan in the middle of May this year through the Suez canal.

The Russian Pacific fleet of ship formation in March 19th from Vladivostok to India Ocean on the way out, the gun firing drills and exercises in the South China Sea for enemy submarines.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said in March 11th, the Russian Defense Ministry decided to deploy battle fleet in the Mediterranean, the Russian naval fleet in the region to achieve normalization. Russian fake oakley navy commander Kier Kopf said recently, Russia Mediterranean normalization battle formation will be composed of 5 ships and 6 warships.

During the cold war, the Soviet Union in order to strengthen the control of the Mediterranean region, set up Fifth Navy the Mediterranean Squadron, relying on Syria Tartus port on the fleet material and technical supply. The squadron was disbanded in December 31, 1992.

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