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The knicks averaging 11.7 a 3-pointer shooting super 4 into osd alliance

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:17am
The knicks in the perimeter of the season out quite a lot, this also is the key to their success, point guard felton said the knicks will adhere to this system, because of the outside shot on the pitch, there is a space at the same time, players will have the chance to break through. This season the knicks in threes on the data performance outstanding, it also brought them success. Although there are some people criticize the knicks three points for too much, but the defender felton think, Charles Barkley Shoes this is the key to the success of the knicks. Before this season the knicks in 15 games outside shot 420 3-pointers, than their opponents up for 3 more than 104. In the hands of the knicks cast in 175, more than their opponents throw into the 55 ball. In 3-point percentage, the knicks is 41.7%, the opponent is 38%. The knicks averaging 3-pointers and sell number is, in all league first, the second row, they averaged out to the perimeter 26. But the knicks were the only team in the league is averaging hit 3-pointers quantity in double team, every game they can put into 11.7 three points. The Nike Air CB 34 rockets to a 9.2 ranked second. Knicks Anthony and novak each pitched into 33 3-pointers, and coordinate the knicks in the most, averaging is 2.2. And some of the league team averaging put into a three-pointer number but only 3.9, such as the bulls. "It's as if we've made a lot of threes, but it have the effect very much to us," felton said, "so we must insist on our effective play." "In our team system, you must have the perimeter shots. You must be on the pitch to create space for Anthony such a player, and I make space, so that we can impact basket. If the players in the peripheral can be cast into the field of words, so this is a good opportunity for our breakthrough, it will bring more opportunities. "Every day of training, each of us in the throw three points. We train these shots, this is all our part of the plan. Now the knicks will throw three points to continue, because this can pull on the field of the space, and the space of their chance to attack will appear, such as chandler also benefit, Anthony can put the Derrick Rose Shoes ball fast to him, let him in the basket score easily. In the NBA, all is the space to speak. "We will also experience shooting feel bad, we are also normal," felton said, "but we will continue to be confident in your ability, we will continue to make moves, in order to our team can become more outstanding, in order to win the match." "The fans must and together we stand, firmly support us. We love you, you want to continue moving forward with a team, this is our game, we will try to play, and strive to win every game, every game we will be so. I think we now only a game played quite bad, is to the rockets games. But they were feel quite hot, there are two special hot players in play, so it happens." Last night, McGrady to the ball, with many of his teammates, the interpretation of LiNan guest comments on a way: "McGrady has been to the ball, but from FengQi to ZhaoYongGang, didn't see t-mac." And when t-mac was off the field went to the bench, but also directly on the personal trainer said: "they can't." This LiNan said very concern: "it could be a vicious circle, McGrady and his teammates relations will be more and more difficult to deal with." Qingdao team Derrick Rose Shoes overall strength bad, make fans worry, McGrady will therefore initiation from the idea of CBA. But McGrady's wife's reach in the interview chaff said: "if he really halfway ran back to the United States, I would not let him into the house."In the east of the battle of the heat, and the nets game also played flawed, although the nets in the first two and a half has been in the lead, but since then the heat enhance the level of defense, and dwyane wade and lebron James led to 102 reverse opponents. Dwyane wade and pressed for 14 to 34 points, this is his first time this season 30 +. At the same time, he 0 mistakes cases get such data is also its 10 years career first. The spurs last save main also received effect, GDP in yesterday's game scoring all in double overtime, they at home through 99 95 victory over the Memphis grizzlies have four straight wins.
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