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the kind of routine is jordan 5 sale kind of like Deng Xiaoqing

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:33am
The following program is a one-year small girl wearing red clothing martial arts, performing a martial arts operation. Set of Wushu Exercise comparable the five steps boxing is much more difficult, and played dazzling. This little girl to play the kind of routine is jordan 5 sale kind of like Deng Xiaoqing, playing a long time, and even more difficult than Deng Xiaoqing, also playing some strange movements, for example, a nasty look, suddenly turned around, kicking. She was the first grade, if than Deng Xiaoqing amazing! PE teacher looked very much appreciate that the little girl had just finished, the teacher on the field, she said: "ah, keep it, you can enter the semi-finals!" That little girl happy "yeah" jumped up. Zhu teacher to remind her immediately and said: "Hey, you do not forget, a lot of trouble Oh, you have to exchange your clothes, stripped naked, stripped pants, take off your shoes re-locker!" The little girl said: " The Oh, MyGod! "turned her front late to the reasons is changing over there and change the pants for a long time, in the end is a grader Well.

Then, here comes a program that makes me vomit a little boy in the first grade performers playing badminton, I was thinking: badminton? I practiced for so long? First grade children playing badminton? I have to wait and see. Because he has no partner, Zhu teacher when his opponent. But when he picked up the badminton racket he serve all wrong, he is spiking, spiking throwing up is to take the ball, to take badminton racket down buckle tee should not spike, this looks air max 2012 sale count foul game , because the rule is serve badminton racket can not exceed shoulder, and smash the racket will certainly be more than the shoulder, Zhu then less than this strange ball. Then, Zhu teachers serve over Zhu teacher has to take care of his hair ball hair to his badminton racket above his flurry a pass, and did not even received. Oh my God, we are all "ha ha ha" laughter, Zhu expressionless, be regarded as very polite to him. First grade children somehow looked at us, began to serve his shameless spiking approach the teacher Zhu still not received, still serve the hair on his racket, he is still not received, hit ten rounds, a ball he did not received a ball did not received no Zhu.
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