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the key to the rural areas and outlying

Posted Dec 10 2012 3:40am
To the children in the hall of Chinese classes, the education scientific research center primary school language research staff, provincial superior WangAiHua teachers.

The back of the classroom, still cheap nike air max 1 shoes sit east YuXiaoXue and around the school dozens of teacher, they and the children heard very input, rustle's, recording the highlights

of that class. "Listen to the teacher's class, the biggest harvest is the ability to guide students to learn." East YuXiaoXue Chinese teachers QianWei said, before they

in the teaching, if a student couldn't answer the question tend to be more worried, and WangAiHua teacher is very calm, explain, and students together, slowly

penetration the text analysis. "Wang such super teachers to guide us, our teaching methods will have changed."

This criticism, is the city education and scientific research center "pratt &whitney research, wisdom, service" one of the series of activities.

On the same day, education and scientific research center, more than ten teaching department, research personnel also listen to the east YuXiaoXue WuJuFang teacher

teach language lesson "qian xuesen", and a line teachers focus communication is established, and the school leader to discuss ways to refine school characteristics, and

presented the school with many  cheap nike air max shoes sets of "high class: model and case series.

With the development of nantong coastal park, the east YuXiaoXue ushered in the important opportunity of development period, the local government investment to the

completion of the comprehensive building, the construction of the teaching building, student restaurant transformation, for the sustainable development of the school

create favorable material conditions. But at the same time, as a rural primary school, teachers and the teaching quality constraints become the bottleneck of the

development of the school. And the custom of the city education and scientific research center, the teacher into the campus, let the teachers' teaching methods,

education idea get qualitative leap. The headmaster hui said, "now the teacher teaching method than before update a lot, meet the children of quality education needs."

City education and scientific research center director said, the party's eighteen big offered to "vigorously promote education fair, reasonable allocation of education

resources, the key to the rural areas and outlying and poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas, tilt". This year, the city education and scientific research center and

supporting the school has set up "education scientific research cooperation community", more than the east  cheap nike air max 2012 womens middle school, the school become the first member. In the

future, the center will be jointly held with members of the school subject research, school management, classroom teaching and so on, thereby promote the weak school

better development and narrow the gap between the school and the school.
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