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The British Olympic Committee to investigate the wages of soccer jersey workers.

Posted Dec 04 2012 6:10am
Preparations for the London Olympics Committee (LOCOG), said that the Committee will bring up the difference between the wages of workers rights in Cambodia, these workers for Adidas to produce official Olympic merchandise, they get weekly basic wage of 10 pounds ($ 15.60).
Sports giant Nike has also released a new shirt - "turbo speed to prepare for the London Olympics (The Pro Turbo Speed). The new jersey systemic from  soccer jersey wholesaler  covered like turbine or dimples same holes, to further reduce aerodynamic drag.
It is reported that can technically new jersey the current Nike sports shirt meters by 0.023 seconds. Which jersey personal comfort, systemic plasticity, interface external skin feeling no friction sensitivity, create more conducive to athletes to make a success, it is also the most portable Nike shirt.
Nike's design for the Olympic jersey sleeveless V-neck cut contours containing the edging vent and improved sleeve hole and tight heavy flu and actions designed to avoid interference. The Cikuan jersey total weight of just 400 grams, is 58% lighter than the style of basketball athletes in the Beijing Olympics wearing.
According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that, in the near Phnom Penh ShenZhou factory mechanic who worked 10 hours a day, six days per week, production of official Olympic merchandise. Informed of this reported after the minimum wage of the United Kingdom of Cambodia to initiate an investigation.
The report said, the workers monthly basic wage is $ 61, working eight hours a day, six days a week, plus health care allowance of $ 5. If their daily working hours increased to 10 hours, the wage will increase to $ 120 (78 pounds).
A LOCOG spokesman said, the IOC has awareness of such allegations, and now this very seriously.
The spokesman said: "As far as we know, ShenZhou plant included in the internationally recognized ILO labor rights program, which means that it accepted the check the project of the International Labour Organization or the World Bank."
"We always remind our authorized the signing of a contract, sustainable procurement code is very important. LOCOG is one of the very few organizations in the world, with the sound of the complaints mechanism."
Adidas, told the Daily Telegraph said that the factory workers the average monthly wage is $ 130, and later this year will raise the wages of the workers, will also raise the wages of garment enterprises.
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