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sword unites as UGG Classic Stripe Cable Knit one

Posted Nov 19 2012 2:02am

Chen Mu Wei sighs a , quickly take out a cake of to work properly a stone from keep the thing bag, work properly a stone to hold in hand, Chen Mu continuously takes out to adjust to work properly the spiritual influence Na in the stone as his/her own strength and flows out into pubic region and quickly adds the depletion of pubic region.And Chen Mu's step don't stop as well, the body again hurtles Ugg Corinth Boots 5756 into \ to bite ant tide in, the lance in hand Ugg Classic Tall Boots 5815 greatly opens to greatly match, there is no the recruit type of flower Qiao, have no sword spirit to write freely to appear, the only light sword long grass ties up to round a sword body, Chen Mu flicks swords to all take the motion of one silk air each time, every time can wring to kill a few\s to bite an ant. Gradually, Chen Mu already at not know to kill how long, also not know to kill how much the \ bites an ant, the \ of ground bites an ant corpse closely of, have no 100,000 to also have 80,000.Being stained with on Chen Mu Shen is full blood, originally just infect by some small and red and white dress ways tunic, have already become fresh red at this time, slowly, Chen Mu kills of already numbness, in fact time only leads half for several hours just, but, the lance in Chen Mu Shou always keeps and greatly opens and greatly match, constantly accepts sword and flicks sword and accepts sword and flicks sword.Slowly, Chen Mu discovers, oneself flicks swords to all take a sword long grass each time, while what to accept sword projection is a sword spirit each time. So, accept sword, sword, two actions constantly herd in of repeat in the hand, bite the corpse of ant on\ of ground also more and more, and consume in Chen Mu's body of true dollar also more and more, a piece of piece of in the article be worked properly a stone to appear in Chen Mu Shou, again a piece of piece of in article's working properly a stone be taken out light spiritual influence empress leave of the powder dissipation is everywhere.The scope that knots boundary is also more and more small, there is originally also the knot boundary of three meters, become only two meters many now.And this scope still and just and continuously narrows. Chen Mu estimates that if this knot boundary attain the time of one meter, oneself already can not again sword.Make Chen Mu anxious more BE, the \ of in front bites an ant still closely of, seem oneself kill of still much notter enough.The observation of having no way knish eye can reduce some. ""Is more and more anxious, looking at before those endless endless \s to bite an ant, there is also the knot boundary to narrow gradually, Chen Mu looks up at sky to bellow, suddenly look in the eyes a fierce, on clapping the keeping of waist thing bag, immediately the shining glory continuously sends forth, Chen Mu Gao raises lance, then releases hands, the lance is immediately suspended Chen Mu sky, immediately the lance slowly flies to Chen Mu's in front, and surroundings of \'s biting an ant have already forced to come up and wrap up to live the whole body of the herding of and luckily have jade to wear put of the diaphragm protect the body of the herding of, but the strength of the diaphragm also let up gradually, because the \ bites an ant to excel most of be gobble up, gobble up any strength, so numerous \s bite an ant to start gobbling up the diaphragm on Chen Mu Shen, probably in less than several minutes, the diaphragm out of the Chen Mu's body will be gobbled up a to get empty. But the lance of Chen Mu's in front, suddenly penny is eight, suspend in Chen Mu's body, round into 1 turn.Knot to print in Chen Mu Shou, immediately eight swords again unite as one and form one huge lance of chasing, the lance coagulates in the in a flash in Chen Mu Shou, great power Chen Mu Shen's top all \s bite an ant to wring to kill a to get empty. "Person's sword unites as UGG Classic Stripe Cable Knit one!!!Break Yue to cut!!!!Kill!!!!!" The lance flies and gets empty but rises and turn small is huge, the lance becomes together huge sword to copy blunt sky but rise, keep breaking cloudy regions, Chen Mu starts to fly empty start to jump, come to a the apogee of the lance, the point of edge of sword, then out of the blue but next!!The sword annoys four to shoot and faces a life time like the celestial spirits, the sturdy strength breaks open spaces all a burst of crack.A sword falls in, if
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