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so I also realized that the beauty of the reebok zig fuel mens humanities

Posted Dec 10 2012 7:53am
My understanding of life is also due to the home of the alley. Sunny summer evening, moving a small Mazar, quietly sitting in the alley, strong ancient distributed sniffing alley breath, watching the smoke curl lay into the blue sky, more like a hint of ink painting. Occasionally, I will go down the lane, feet gently massage has been years of grinding smooth tiles, hand quietly touched the walls weathered by time, that moment, the hearts will be filled with the fantasy of ancient It was at the end of the alley to clear up.An alley, so I also realized that the beauty of the reebok zig fuel mens humanities. A fresh morning, ran open courtyard, just met the door Uncle Zhang also came to the door, looked at each other and smiled each other channel sound Good morning, one day will be very warm, holidays, and everyone hung out a pair of scarlet lanterns, red and bright, shiny red quaint alleys.

At this time, you gave me a pear, I'll give you a few plums, everyone chatting and laughing, chatting, when the alley over the echoing sounds of laughter, and a long time refused to disperse.Hometown alleys, you are my character's origin, you are my forever treasure! Hometown, even though my life travels long and arduous journey, but never get out of your arms, in your line of sight, and I in your voyage!I understood that the wanderer feelings and think of home. "Sunset rural Where is mens nike free 5.0 v4 indeed worrying Enpa river", "I do not know where to blow reed, a night the levy of people do Homeward". Hometown is always relying on my mind and ultimate destination. Birds nostalgia forest, fish and think of Yuan Hu Ma according northerly, fox dead things first Confucius, little knowledge tree height, and roots. The farther away from the homeland, hometown miss the deeper these thoughts thorn chest raw so the longer, more difficult to heal.From hometown a long time, the memory of home is also blurred.
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