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Six Tips to Speed Up Your wow gold Collecting Skill

Posted Mar 12 2013 2:58am

Every wow player must interested in this topic, how to collecting enough  wow gold  by yourself. We can see many skills or method on the Internet, and some of them do brings you  wow gold. In order to share you the most effective skills to make  wow gold, we summarized those ways in this article and you do have to read it, it worth reading by each wow gamers.

First, Produce Thorium Shells. Put these up on the AH for double the cost of mats and they sell like hotcakes. you can sell upwards of 20 stacks a day and make 80s profit a stack at least. Mithril Gyro shots and Mithril Slugs can also make a reasonable profit. Farm fused wiring from Targets Dummies. You can sell a couple of these a day for about 5g each. Thorium Widgets sell well around the time of the Darkmoon Faire and make an easy profit. 045511

Second, farm EPL and SM. You can get 5-6 stacks of silk, 1 stack of wool and several stacks of enchanting materials in about an hour. 10 Soul Dust sells for 1g and 10 Large Glowing Shards sell for 5g. Also, be on the lookout for any items that would be worth more un-enchanted. Rings and weapons sell very well. The Slugs there have a very low drop % for Larval Acid, which goes for 15g a pop. Also, Lord Darkscythe, a rare spawn drops a BoE blue sword wort h 40-50g. It should be noted that you can farm Incendosaurs in Searing Gorge, and sell their scales to people wishing to raise reputation with Thorium Brotherhood.

Third, anything you pick up should be sold, either to a vendor or if it’s a green or above, on AH. Check prices on AH to know what to set yours at. Price your items appropriately and give them enough time, like 24 hours. Don’t get discouraged if not everything sells, sometimes it may take a couple of tries. Looking at what sells well in AH and you should figure something out. 
Fourth, if you do decide to produce items to sell then always keep your eyes open on the AH for cheap mats. Never buy a stack of Thorium Bars for more than 6g, ghost mushrooms for more than 60s each, Dense stone for more than 2g50s a stack. When see them on AH at these prices you just snap them up because the prices will go up soon. This maximises profits on the items you produce to sell. Obviously these prices are likely to be different on your server.

Fifth, harvesting professions are a good way to start out collecting  wow gold. Mining, herbalism and skinning cost little or nothing to start and stacks of your wares can be sold on AH of most servers for a pretty good return. Plus, these can be done while out questing so it’s not forcing you to stick to a major city.

Sixth, some of the rare items that vendors sell can be placed on AH for a premium. This can be a bit risky but there is usually someone looking for something that they don’t want to travel all over azeroth for!

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