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Shane battier into alternative career has been winning streak the first person 20 + experience

Posted Mar 15 2013 9:48am
Yesterday, the heat away with 98 94 mega power after 76 people, there is no doubt for 20 straight towards the club. Heat record so well of the "big three" huge role off naturally, but there is a veteran also cannot be ignored, he has been to 35, shane battier (microblogging). Since joining the heat radiant career second with shane battier, Adidas Rose 3.0 created some kind of record in the NBA. After it, battier has become the only one in the NBA history has followed two teams finished 20 straight wins. 2007-2008 season, shane battier in effect when the rockets, who helped the team created a 22-game win streak. For such record, battier look not so excited, he said in an interview: "welcome to 20 compiled his teammates to join the club, I will teach their secret in the back plane." Battier "calm" performance is not surprising, because he had scored more terror in university period led by duke university 32 straight; Want to know, the NCAA fierce as much as the NBA, Adidas Rose 3.5"20 straight wins", for he is simply "a piece of cake". "The home has a old, if you have a treasure", battier this season, averaging 6.4 points and 6.4 rebounds, while the data is not brilliant, but he is the heat of fusion. Since last season, he joined the Miami heat did won NBA titles; Heat temporarily to 49 league wins and 14 negative first, battier has also successfully. Still tenacious defense, and the team leader role in the locker room, battier is the key to survival. As a conventional heat players, shane battier, three quarters of the season reached a career-high 42.7%. In addition, the heat gain after 20 games, winning streak has risen to the NBA is in third place. Derrick Rose 3.0 In front of them, it is used to obtain the rockets 22-game win streak. Coincidentally, the heat created 20 winning streak with 20 compiled by the bucks in 1970 was flat, and then the heat will face the bucks on the road, trying to continue to rewrite their winning streak.Who can stop the heat win streak? Obviously not before 10 games lost 8 76, yesterday, the Miami heat in 98-94 road win over 76 people, had 20 straight wins. This is their first back-to-back world war ii, when the Miami heat in game 4 in the morning of that day to arrive in Philadelphia, "we stabilize the situation, but we played was not beautiful." Miami heat coach erik spoelstra said. "we are proud of is that we find a way to stick it out."Section 4, 76 people during a 15 than 2 back, will take, but dwyane wade is the heat hit clutch shots, the last time 76 people use foul tactics failed to received effect, heat up the game.Heat 4 teams in NBA history for 20 straight wins team during the season, they also match the season third long winning streak record in the league, before that, Adizero Rose 2.0 the lakers 33 straight once in 1971 ~ 1972 season, the record is also viewed as future generations is difficult to go beyond the miracle of, the Miami heat resident pat riley was still on the lakers bench. 2007-2008 season, the rockets had created for the Chinese fans as the 22-game win streak, in addition the bucks in 1970-1971 season have had 20 straight wins. The heat players shane battier (microblogging) was the first two in league history to witness their effectiveness team harvest 20 straight wins.
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