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News group split Murdoch as the two directors of the company

Posted Jul 02 2013 7:15am

News cheap Fitflop group split Murdoch as the two directors of the company

Time has not been determined Mtime network reported on July 1st and his wife Wendy Deng divorce, Rupert - Murdoch in the career and big time. News Group officially split, the board of directors of the company that has been approved by the assets and entertainment business publishing division under the plan, namely the news group will be split into two companies. Murdoch will serve as Fitflop sale chairman of both companies, and to the chief executive officer (CEO) identity in the entertainment business is responsible for the "twenty-first Century fuchs".

Before the news group officially announced the Split case, "Wall Street daily" has revealed the wind, it said, through this partition, press group will be under the operational film and television entertainment and newspapers, book publishing assets and education business one divides into two. The former includes twentieth Century Fuchs film company, Fuchs broadcast networks and Fuchs news channel, the latter including the Wall Street journal, the times, the Australian and the Harper Colin publishing company. If the partition into practice, after the split of the publishing firm size will be much smaller than the entertainment company. Split and reorganization, the publishing company will retain the "news group" (News Crop than the original name of News Crop. One less. The name), and television and film assets part is named "twenty-first Century Fuchs" (21st Century Fox). The two new companies, will on Monday in the securities market are separate transactions.

Separation plan will enable the group under the newspaper (including the "times", "Sunday times", "sun", "the Wall Street journal" and "New York post") more isolated. In recent years, the news business has been in a state of loss, and the split will mean that the press can no longer rely on lucrative entertainment business to reward, there is reason to believe that, future publishing company will intensify efforts in cost FitFlop Wholesale cuts, layoffs, cuts inevitably.

Murdoch spin-offs, settled from brewing to, after a year of time, Murdoch to what is? British "Guardian" published an article [micro-blog] (micro-blog) said, this is Murdoch carefully designed "poison pill" (that is, in order to avoid the high cost of the mergers and take measures to prevent). During the project, Murdoch succeeded in stopping all look at fiercely as a tiger does intend to challenge him for control of two companies of the people.

Twentieth Century in 1934 and twentieth Century by the Fox Film FitFlop For Sale Co Fuchs film company merger, the former is the earliest by William Fawkes was founded in 1913, is one of the big Hollywood studios, development so far. In 1985 twentieth Century, Fuchs was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. In 1994 twentieth Century, Fuchs founded a subsidiary Fuchs searchlight, specialized production and distribution of independent films. In addition, the twentieth Century Fuchs's still blue sky studios and Fuchs two animation studios animation department.

Murdoch had previously wrote in an e-mail to staff: "the management team over in one's mind, we decided to choose the 'twenty-first Century Fuchs' name to lead us into the future. We have about 30 years ago, 'twentieth Century acquisition of Fuchs' into the stunning entertainment. In twenty-first Century the company name Fuchs was inherited, also marks our innovative and energetic."

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