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Let us do Pregnant Mommy yoga

Posted Oct 18 2012 10:53am

For the pregnant mom, yoga can make your muscles toughness, flexibility and endurance, increase blood circulation, enhance emotional control for the pregnant mother, pregnant mothers are more successful during the production.

Pregnant Mommy yoga, what use is it? In fact, not every pregnant mother is suitable for yoga movement, pregnant MOM learn yoga, you need to consult your doctor in advance, then, step by step, choose professional Yoga instructor, the only way is truly to realize the many benefits of yoga. Mommy, you are you ready?

First, the benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

1 benefits at the Mummy body from yoga Pregnant mom through Yoga stretches and exercises, you can gradually increase the toughness, flexibility and muscle endurance, without pressure on your joints, especially as your belly grows, and shift the center of gravity of the body, pregnant women yoga postures to help you stay balanced, create a good posture. At the same time, pregnant women yoga can improve your blood circulation, reduce water retention, enhance your pelvic muscles, common pregnancy pain can be eased, such as lower back pain in late pregnancy. Yoga can help you better control of blood pressure in pregnant women, which may reduce your risk of developing pre-eclampsia.

2, Mummy Yoga alignment psychological benefits

Yoga meditation method through the pregnant mother in meditation for a better situation to mitigate prospective Mommy pregnancy mood swings, strengthen the consciousness of self-regulation of the pregnant mother. In addition, pregnant women rest can help you overcome fatigue during pregnancy yoga, makes you feel energetic. Pregnant women Yoga exercise 1 hour rest, the effect is equivalent to 4 hours of good sleep.

Second, Yoga exercises should be gradual during pregnancy

Yoga every day insist that good results can be achieved and, therefore, most yoga courses will recommend you at least 3 times a week, but this will vary from person, arranged according to the realities of pregnant mother.

For yoga beginners, start yoga practice cannot be in a hurry, step by step, gradually your Yoga instructor will help you to find your own rhythm of practice. You must comply with the safety precautions Yoga instructor tells you, don't risk doing any actions excessive. Pregnant women practice yoga, is to enjoy the process, rather than allow them to feel pain or discomfort. To achieve the best results over time, practice how to remain soft. Certainly don't forget Yoga is the unity among mind, body and soul, and in order to achieve this purpose, you have to practice according to their own rhythm.

Three-four recommendations to choose Yoga during pregnancy

1, select a type of Yoga is best for you.

Choose the appropriate Yoga for pregnant mother who is very important. You can ask a pregnant woman yoga teacher training, let her help you select for you the most safe and most effective type of yoga. Of course, before you decide to apply, you have to look at local Yoga instructor is through formal training, and they have a wealth of experience at teaching pregnant women doing yoga.

2, choosing a qualified yoga teacher is more peace of mind.

Any yoga practice, if inappropriate, may cause injury to you. While many books, television shows and DVD are claiming to teach you yoga classes for professional, learning Yoga pregnant mom best not through these channels. If the domestic conditions permit, you can hire a professional, private yoga teacher training in pregnant women, yoga in your home.

3, selectively participate in yoga experience course.

In General, regular yoga training centre will provide a free trial lesson, which not only helps you understand, this yoga training course is in line with your needs, on the other hand, you can also have the opportunity to learn some views from who pregnant women have signed up to participate in the mother of the Yoga course

4, choosing the appropriate clothing

Practicing yoga pregnant women, need to guarantee good texture supple, breathable loose comfortable clothing. Typically, sportswear and women track and field clothing shops of various sizes and yoga clothing. Pregnant women practice yoga best in bare feet, and therefore there is no need to consider shoes. What is more, you should not wear formal maternity dresses to practice yoga.

Four, which pregnancy is not suitable for Yoga exercises

You do routine antenatal checks, the pregnant mother should tell the doctor you are going to participate in a pregnant woman Yoga course decision, ask your doctor whether your health allows. If you have a history of miscarriage or any other illnesses or discomfort, your doctor may tell you not to practice yoga postures, or wait until after early pregnancy yoga courses again for pregnant women. Although it is considered relatively gentle Yoga for joints oppression, however if you have any illness or discomfort, also is the first with the doctor's consent.

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