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Latest News on the Online Meeting Software Market

Posted Nov 19 2012 7:26am

It is somewhat paradoxical that the market for online meeting software solutions has increased considerably, while on the other hand, many entrepreneurs still choose to not use such tools.

According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, 48% of top executives are familiar with the advantages that Online Meeting Software tools offer, but only 41% of these decision makers use them.

The report also pointed out that, ironically, most businesses use the additional features of Online Meeting Software tools more often than its core feature—Online Meeting Software. Its most-used feature is not Online Meeting Software, but instant messaging. Instead of being used for Online Meeting Software, these tools are mainly used for training and marketing purposes. This behavior is attributed to the following two reasons:

1.       Employees are not aware of the full potential of Online Meeting Software tools

2.       Employees are not aware of the most effective way to use these tools

Online Meeting Software tools such as RHUB’s Turbo Meeting have the ability to revolutionize the way we communicate. They allow us to have real-time conversations with people who are thousands of miles away. This, in turn, reduces travel costs significantly as we can hold meetings with faraway associates and clients online, right from our office. What’s more, one can even conduct a web-based video conferencing on PC tablets and smartphones.

To use web conferencing, companies need to follow a particular protocol. The purpose of a Online Meeting Software solution is to connect people in different locations. To make sure that participants are able to connect to the meeting, the host must ensure that they can dial in.

It is imperative for Online Meeting Software tools such as online meeting to offer both, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Dial-up internet access. The latter is most useful for participants with only a cell phone or a poor internet connection. Businesses today have the option of accessing video conferencing using a comprehensive communications solution that provides VoIP phone systems, as well as solutions for improved enterprise mobility.

Hosts must ensure that they follow the best practices for video-conferencing, which are:

1.       The host must take on the role of moderator and ensure that participants don’t digress from the discussed topic(s)

2.       The meeting should not last for more than half an hour

3.       Each meeting should focus on only one or, at maximum, two objectives


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