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Lakers defeat on home soil

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:47am
Lakers defeat on home soil, when they lost by 16 points.But look what happened when the team's lineup, inside is noraflood-Vlade divac, backstage is Nick-fanaikesaier, this year the team's scoring was Cedric-Ceballos, on the fame, on the qualifications could not be compared to this year, they had to defeat 97-113.In thenike air max 95 ireland   history of the two teams, need be mentioned here include all the playoffs, the Lakers ' home loss to Thunder for at least 15 minutes for the performances in District 4, Bryant the entire career have not come across one, today he has experienced, but he should not wish to have such a humiliating experience.

The Lakers ' last encounter 6 losing streak dates back to March 2007, but their record of 15 WINS, 21, and people look forward to far, it can be said that is the League's mostnike air max 2011 mens disappointing teams.But while Kobe and the Lakers lose, Li bingbing was a micro-blog, encouraged Bryant and the Lakers, "it is said that hope is the soul inhabits a ' flying ' thing, flying for Kobe and the Lakers have been not very distant thing, as long as you want, lose all will return in a different way ..."

Third section 7 minutes 07 seconds left, TSE WPI ball near the front line on the left side, in the face of Durrant's defense, he selected baskets of dribbling breakthrough results basketball under Dick After ramming a few times back and forth directly touched off by Durrant, in order to save the ball right, Chee WPI to touch a bit extra, and even the person with the ball is out of the side.Since the Tsu WPI back since the first episode of the season, to the Lakers earlier in this field has not been one win (4 in total), which after the after the first two adaptations, the most recent two games he can attack 23.5 points, 7 rebounds and 5.5 steals, one face on the Spurs, WPI a Tzu Chi sent out 7 steals.Not only that, but two Tsu WPI offensive efficiency or low total is 36 shooting, hit more than 50%.There is one thing, Tsu WPI overall efficiency value is +5.5 this season, seemingly is not high, but second only to Bryant in the team, came in 2nd.

After the last loss to the Spurs, both Kobe and Nash, Danton, and stressed that the team needs to do better on the defensive side.Since Dantoni shortly after, the Lakers ' Defense has always been the biggest problem they face, they are unable to effectively curb the opponent.Three of this season, the Lakers coach, Dandong taught defense was the worst.This season, in the case of Mike Brown, coach, the Lakers were losing to 98.8, taught in Dantoni's case, the Lakers were losing to 104.2.Bewkes Duff served as interim coach in 5 games, the Lakers were losing to 92.2 points.
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