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Kobe Bryant is not the king of iron is the king of boiler

Posted Jan 25 2013 12:49am
Defeat to Memphis grizzlies, the lakers like into everlasting perdition situation. For kobe Bryant, although has the first quarter have 6 for five of the jing is colourful performance, but they still played 12 times the iron, the desperate also difficult to save his life, he may be in the losing streak has two tired in the heart. Kobe Bryant still not escape the fate of the tragedy, then 46.4% shooting from the field, although ratio not James the current 55%, but has reached Nike Air Max 2013 its career peak level, considering the shot more, Bryant actually more commendable. But James is the bloom of youth, is his teammates, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the kobe Bryant is sad time and tide wait for no man, that he will never shrink back of hand. James was destined to be the darling of the alliance, and kobe Bryant has is the lakers' loss to the king of the boiler. Before the lakers season in the heat of the luxury allocation work I'm afraid I have to pay the flow, because the lakers to improve competitiveness, it may be necessary to Howard's strong, not kobe Bryant's I. However the fact that Howard after all is a big boy, not a mature man, in the face of difficulty is easy, don't understand detour, even very easy to lose confidence, this against Memphis was particularly the game. Because before the shot Cheap Nike Air Max a2013 complain less, Howard publicly apologize to the team, and claimed that the lakers' season to start from the Memphis grizzlies. However to Memphis grizzlies at home, John Howard, the first half performance shocking awed, no show alliance first center defensive ability, but also in the offense to the acme, bear in poor four out of hand harvesting duck egg, just using the free throws barely get two points save some face the opponent, strong rebound next need he rebounds building, Howard even in the rebound in the second half, the stealth wound back on the bench was trepidation. It is more terrible, perhaps this will deepen Howard and kobe Bryant, bridge the gap between the without Howard Nike Air Max 2012 ability show, for the lakers playoff tickets for has become a dream.Obviously, lead to abnormal Howard the blame must buckle Bryant on. Up to now, the lakers' I'm afraid it is difficult to clear, it is to lose such a situation, it is kobe Bryant with Howard's character, or coach with the limit of the level, or other. But one thing is obvious, the performance of the kobe Bryant led the Howard depressed. Because the result is the lakers now 17 games and negative and the playoffs at cross purposes, it is a few field kobe Bryant to Howard hello ball wonderful game, kobe Bryant is the crazy shots down the output don't please, and ignore the coach be responsible for technical problems, ignore Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 the Howard's own character even disabilities. With the Memphis grizzlies, the lakers in addition to DuHong, rice Banks and morris shooting high kobe Bryant (the three shots is really limited), the rest are far lower than kobe Bryant, more free throws has been steady pau gasol in the critical moment in the past two free throws, and the lakers overall slump blame have to kobe Bryant to back, who told him repeatedly games out twenty + it, and by the end of the grizzlies, also let a person ignore the first quarter Bryant had 6 for five of the bright, ignore the second half the team lost confidence and kobe Bryant is still sticking to the stubborn. There is a bigger blame in the invisible button to kobe Bryant, small buss seems now to see kobe Bryant and such performance, or even encourage kobe Bryant has been persistent down. Because this can be the greatest degree of let people transfer line of sight, his team to the management of kobe Bryant can pass on to the "without regret". For the lakers, the biggest tragedy is not the playoffs stand, but its management to coach even to teammates, all the blame button to kobe Bryant head. Brown carry a big blame away, and also from suffering and joy, and Bryant will also carry more blame on stroke life, perhaps, a meritorious military service eminent kobe Bryant, will he scores countless hands on piano key, in the music of the emptiness to seek peace.
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