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Kim Jong-un was asked what hope: Obama to give me a callAccording

Posted Apr 08 2013 2:04am

Kim Jong-un was asked what hope: Obama to give me a callAccording to the British "Financial Times" published an article entitled "the United States should talk with North Korea", the main contents are as follows:

North Korea announced that it would restart its nuclear facilities, which many people seem very strange. In fact, North Korea's behavior is to be expected: it issued provocative statements, cut off the hotline call, put more Xiong Baba attitude. The key question is: the world should make the same can be expected to respond?

The United States seems to fake oakleys think so. It refused to direct dialogue with Pyongyang, preferring instead to continue to take measures of isolation and sanctions. To do so that the is wrong. Worried that North Korea is reasonable to want to fight. But provocation from North Korea's past performance, they believed themselves to be able to draw attention to the only way. It may be to the DPRK do not have to take drastic action can dialogue.

To understand the sake, we need to start at the beginning. Thousands of years ago, humans invented diplomatic means fake oakley in order so that we can dialogue with the enemy. It diplomats from enemy court beheaded. Diplomacy has never been the subject for dialogue with friends.

Therefore, from the the a historical point of speaking, the the Washington "strategic" the the mainstream of point of view of the thinkers With what an extraordinary. Outstanding thinkers in the United States no one dared to advocate with Pyongyang to establish diplomatic relations, because it will be considered to support the North Korean regime.

Indirectly played a lot of dealings with diplomats from the United States and North Korea, but that is not enough. To change Washington, senior foreign concept seems unlikely. While other places are of the world a wisely understanding of to the, with the enemy - and even is the's old enemy of the for thousands of years - and spread his dialogue over will be even better some of the. For this reason, China and Vietnam, Turkey, Greece, Russia and Poland, Korea and Japan, India and Pakistan (I can also be more examples) have established diplomatic relations and dialogue with each other. This has become a the the truth in-size-fits-, while the U.S. but it is the make an exception for. China - in the near future, China is expected to become the world's largest economy - free to play in some of the most important diplomatic initiatives. Take the recent meeting of Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) and Xi Jinping. Russia's foreign policy experts know for Russia, China, will be greater than in the United States long-term strategic challenges. Why, then, Putin and Xi Jinping close cooperation with it? This is because the United States has always been in a clumsy way to treat these two countries, and far to the face. Worse, almost no one in the United States recognize that the United States gives the humiliation How serious.

The United States can borrow the opportunity to deal with the question of Korea to change this practice. Urgent need to try a new approach in the Asia-Pacific region to transcend such generalities "return to Asia" or trade agreements and other initiatives can be expected, unexpected approach.

This is likely to become the Barak Obama horse (Barack Obama) to give to the a gift of the the people of the United States as well as the eternal the political legacy of, by it can let Americans it as the one-the United States is no longer a the only the superpower of the the world do a good job ready to. Return to normal means, the United States must be the same as all other countries to dialogue with the enemy.

Surprisingly, when was asked Kim Jong-un (Kim Jong-eun) What hope, Kim Jong-un's answer is simple: Obama to give me a call. (Words from former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman (Dennis Rodman), he recently carried out together with Vice Magazine period of DPRK diplomatic trip his trip by the mainstream media ridicule - but at least he went to .) Why Kim Jong-un dialogue with Obama? Because he is more to worry about the threat of from China, rather than from the the the threat of of the United States.

Almost all other independent nations will call each other. This reflects an ancient diplomatic wisdom. French King Louis XIV (Louis XIV) Special Envoy Francois de Kali Ai (Fran ois de Callières) 1716 wrote: "every Christian monarch should be regarded as this the headline motto: only in the well-meaning reason and persuasion are ineffective, before the use of force to defend and assert their rights. "

Obama should listen to the a the the Honourable recommendations of the assistant of the "Sun King" of the. (And if he adopted, he should also talk with Tehran.) The history of those wise leaders have found a way to dialogue with the enemy. North Korea is a matter of fear, it is difficult to know the extent to which the North Korean threat seriously. But if you refuse to dialogue with North Korea, the result will be worse. The United States is the time to follow the ancient wisdom, taken some unexpected move.

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