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Key Collaboration Conferencing Market Trends

Posted Nov 27 2012 10:17am

The integration of Collaboration Conferencing solutions in several corporate communication systems has triggered some key decisions in the IT industry. The Collaboration Conferencing market is set for a huge growth in revenue and some big changes. Small and large vendors are focusing on low-cost, easy-to-use Collaboration Conferencing solutions that can move the market to maturity.


One of the key trends associated with the Collaboration Conferencing market is standardization of enterprise-wide solutions. The popularity of the RHUB 6-in-1 Collaboration Conferencing and remote support appliance is a good example of how a single comprehensive Collaboration Conferencing solution is taking priority over simple tools with limited features. Department-level solutions are still going strong, and the line-of-business management will remain big buyers of Collaboration Conferencing services, but comprehensive services that span the entire enterprise will soon take top priority. Nevertheless, the line-of-business management would continue to have a strong say in corporate IT strategy, especially when it comes to choosing a vendor.


The next big trend in consumer and enterprise level communications is also the integration of social networking and web conferencing. The growing popularity and importance of sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook has influenced UC and Collaboration Conferencing vendors to integrate their services and software with social networks. This trend changes user experience significantly, especially the way employees interact with each other and clients.


Collaboration Conferencing vendors are also supporting mobile communications and collaboration. Apps and that work on popular mobile devised like Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones, and Windows phones have become extremely useful for mobile collaboration.


The demand for audio conferencing support in Collaboration Conferencing services such as no download web conference is on the rise. Collaboration Conferencing vendors that create and sell video integration with desktop PCs have reported increasingly high usage rates, especially for customer-facing events, training sessions, and virtual classrooms. The arrival of 4G and the next generation of smartphones and other mobile devices has made mobile-based video conferencing a reality, making it one of the most promising segments for vendors.


The increase in internet reliability and speed, improvement in audio and web integration, and the addition of new and advanced features has made VoIP a strong Collaboration Conferencing tool. Over the last year, VoIP has gained a strong foothold as companies look for new ways to reduce audio conferencing costs. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) in particular are actively using VoIP for quick, cheap, and reliable Collaboration Conferencing.


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