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it is suggested that "family night" friends

Posted Dec 10 2012 3:45am
Traditional Chinese medicine adjustment "night shift family" body condition and improve the symptoms, compared with western medicine has more advantages. Traditional

Chinese medicine theory  women shoes nike air max 24 7 cheap more focus on the integrity of the human body and the combination of natural law, the pursuit of human physiological state of equilibrium and

"pass" theory is one of the important core.

We will with the "night shift family" universal card type match a proprietary Chinese medicine as an example, a serum brain grain (TianShiLi medicine group production).

This formula is in classical prescriptions "four things soup", that is, angelica, cultivated land, ligusticum wallichii, root of herbaceous peony medicine basis, plus

with flat liver latent Yang, promoting blood circulation, removing pain, adjusting the role of caulis spatholobi, uncaria, selfheal, cassia seed, mother of pearl, yuan

hu, asarum seven flavor, such as a drug compatibility. Both keep Yin blood, nourishing liver and kidney Yin deficiency, the production of body fluid and stabilize the

inflammation, promoting blood circulation to the role of the pain. So can be used for blood deficiency caused by liver flourishing of headache, dizziness dazzled,

insomnia and have many dreams, upset irritability, memory and disease. From the Chinese medicine theory analysis perspective, compared with "family night".

Through the papers modern  nike air max 1 for sale medical research literature can be fully confirmed: keep serum brain grain not only improve cerebral circulation, inhibit vasospasm, improve

blood rheology and action, and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regulating neurotransmitter, protect nerve cell structure and function of the effect such as integrity.

Thus appears Chinese medicine has many link, multi-level and targets of the pharmacological mechanism of action. Combined with natural plant medicine clinical safety,

highlight its clinical application value, especially in the field of cerebrovascular disease, it has become the treatment of chronic head to offer hematic inadequacy of

excellent traditional Chinese medicine.

Above pharmacological mechanism of action, and fully corresponding to the "night shift family" as a result of nerve tissue fatigue, metabolic disorders, and influence

in the brain metabolism waste such as peroxide of accumulation, microcirculation barriers and so on pathological link, inhibit the body tissue damage, can from many

Angle adjustment "night shift family" the physical condition, improve symptoms.

At the same time, it is suggested that "family night" friends, try to adjust their own life rule. Stay up  nike air max 2012 late may also be more added some contain vitamin C and vitamin

B family more food. For "night race", it can never ignore health to protect their own health is the most important thing in life.
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