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immediately Ugg Classic Tall Boots 5815 launch and put in

Posted Nov 19 2012 1:50am

"Hum " is cold to hum a , Chen Mu in a twinkling releases lance, the immediately anti- hand holds sword and rows an about ten cm of lengths in the body, then'burst'of one pull out lance.Turn over once the body jump and fall at boar body flank. The boar pain shouts a , however, the scar of boar body immediately the speed canning see without the aid of instruments Be rapid to resume, heal.Immediately, the boar body also quickly turns round, that small and matchless Ugg Corinth Boots 5756 scales and shell immediately generally and quickly bombs to shot into Chen Mu like the thin needle on the body but up, numerous scales and shells constitute a together huge wall.The huge wall tightly bombs to kill but up, the blockader of prison prison lived Chen Mu's nearby all positions, all directionses that can escape. But, Chen Mu just the step wanted to escape and wanted avoid the huge wall that this a scales and shell constitutes, suddenly, in brain appeared his/her own family be put out kill of appearance, in brain appeared a words:"Escape, escape, connect this a head of four classes work properly a monster'Kuang hot pig'of do the attacks all want to escape?Don't go, I don't escape!I don't escape!!!!!!" Chen Mu looks up at sky to shout at top of voice, the lance writes freely, a way sword only and in a twinkling appears, flicker, the sword UGG Classic Stripe Cable Knit long grass rounds sword, a way Gang annoys to bomb to shoot from the sword long grass but, the Gang spirit breaks empty, long Hong roars.Moment, the sword Hong sword annoys in mid air to coagulate a matchless strong Ultrasaurus, the Ultrasaurus roars and shouts, immediately the landslide ground splits, the country flows back.The work properly a monster'Kuang hot pig'looking at that quickly model is annoyed by numerous sword spirits and the gangs constitute of Ultrasaurus, the Wei of Ultrasaurus presses matchless and sturdy, generally flow out like the tidewater wave bhjgjkuykjfyu tide a hot pig toward the Kuang, Kuang hot the pig body Be tiny to shiver, feel the Ultrasaurus brings of sturdy. "Roar " Ultrasaurus good the illusion must bellow a , body scroll, hurtle into that huge wall, the body of scroll constantly jilts, a jet of gas wave breaks open the scales and shell on the huge wall, and numerous scales and shells be immediately been ground by Ultrasaurus book, hurtle to open.But there is also the hit that 100 near scales and shells rushed out a long dragon, take to break an empty voice and roar and shout to hurtle to Chen Mu's in front. Chen Mu's lance puts ground, immediately the hands knot prints, a way is naked to coagulate in the hand, immediately and lightly drink 1:"Seven stars lead!Borrow with the universe, ten thousand methods but break!!"The dint of the stars coagulates but up, drive Chen Mu this together prints knot to lead into the lance of Chen Mu in front ground, the lance after inhaling the starlight immediately shivers a , Chen Mu again coagulates a method to print, the method Jue chokes into sword, and three strategies in the sword body are led the starlight going into to push to revolve. Three kinds of effects of strategies push stars of the strength of the dint infuse into stronger, Chen Mu Shou become the sword point a to lead, the rapid strategies immediately Ugg Classic Tall Boots 5815 launch and put in the lance on the ground to become together naked blunt sky but rise, the sword points again on moving, the lance twinkles and again start to take a hurricane, the space of surrounding near half rice drive lance this shot take out cleanly, hurricane like horizontal tornado general, chase the scales and shell of surplus blunt ground get clean, don't leave where fear one silk powder. The sword only takes a long long hurricane and chop down into the body of Kuang hot pig like long tail similar sword up, is splitting to chop down and under of moment, decorous strategies also hair move, very and soon with decorous two heavy the strategies fold to add, rapid of everything get into Kuang hot the body of the pig, and get into Kuang hot the in a flash of the pig body, the sharp strategies also launched, the strategies power pushed by dint of the stars is larger for several cents, in Chen Mu Shou method Jue again choke, the lance immediately wears deeply Kuang hot pig but, wrung to kill Kuang hot the cyclone of the pig body. For work properly monster to say, fix inside Dan before is all is in the body or the brain, or pubic region, or the heart coagulate to become fix a becomes gold Dan before expecting need of a kind of cyclone, this cyclone is also the life vein place that works properly a monster, have the
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