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I would like to say, powerful motherland - this is

Posted Nov 22 2012 7:38am

the long-awaited disaster-

ridden people. 60th over the years, especially after the reform and opening up

30 years China has happened tremendous changes, especially the reform and

opening up 30 years, the annual growth rate of 9% in the development, is now

ranked the world's second largest economy. Urban and rural people's lives have

been improved, which is the result of the National People's struggle embodied

the hard work of the Chinese, overseas Chinese. We deeply understand that a

country's dignity in the world to win, not only have a well-developed economy

and strong scient   new womens north face jacket uk
ific and technological strength, and this must be improving

the quality of national and moral strength, we must not only continue to

maintain steady and rapid economic development of the motherland can build

into a modern country. And should build better promote the national legal

system building, to achieve social fairness and justice, to ensure the freedom

and rights of the people, so that every one can get all-round development. In

order to achieve this goal, we need to continue to promote reform, and only

the reform of the country in order to progress, only to open the country can

prosper. We know this truth from practice deeply. A long way to go in front of

us, the task is still arduous. Through reform, we want to solve the economic

development of u north face men's gore tex jacket sale nstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable. Through

reform, we want to narrow the gap between urban and rural and regional

development, and gradually solve the problems of income distribution gap is

too large, so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of reform and opening up, so

as to realize the common prosperity of all the people. Through reform, we have

to eliminate the negative social corruption, improve the nation's moral and

cultural qualities, so that China can become a country of democracy and the

rule of law and fairness and justice. Our goal has been clear that the Party

and 18 just successful conclusion, established a the income doubled

magnificent goal and the goal of building a moderately prosperous society, and

elected the new central collective leadership of Xi Jinping as general

secretary. The future, we have full confidence in the new leadership


Comrades, fellow citizens, this is the last time I met so many compatriots

more concentrated in the Chinese residential areas. I would like, through you,

to the Chinese all over the world, the overseas Chinese to express my sincere

gratitude. I'd like to say, there are a few months I'm going to retire,

Hermitage Linquan. I always feel that it seems there is a lot of things yet to

be done, there are a lot of things have not run. However, I was often silently

Qu Yuan, the two words "Lament". Sentence: the heart, by good fortune, nine

dead not regret a sentence: volts innocent dead straight Xi, the thick solid

before St.. The mean of the two, in order to pursue the truth, even if I died

nine times do not regret it for their own innocence, even if Siyeyaosi to

honesty and integrity. As I have said, I have been forty years of sacrifice

for the country. I hope people - including Chinese, overseas Chinese - I

forgot I forgot. But I will never forget the motherland and the people will

not forget the tens of millions of overseas Chinese and Chinese. Thank you for   cheap womens north face denali hoodie

your patience, and I once again express our gratitude to you.

In this new leadership, the 205 members of the Central Committee is

particularly impressive. Thinking of their decision-making, political ideology

and governing style, will have far-reaching impact of China in the next five

years, or even longer.

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