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I sprained my ankle. Why is there a lump 3 inches below my ankle, but no other swelling?

Posted by kingkairos

I was playing softball and planted my right foot to stop momentum and throw to first. My ankle rolled quickly to the side, taking all the weight. I heard/felt several small 'pops' (kinda like velcro?lol), and couldn't put any weight on it.

I was being examined by a doctor within 1.5 hours, but the only visible injury was a golfball-sized lump about three inches down (and toward my toes) on the outside of my right foot.

 Xrays were taken and revealed no break, but the doctor said it felt 'mushy' while rotating my ankle for range of motion. Just before they put me in the cast, I tried to lift my foot vertically off the floor but was unable to lift more than a centimeter- not because of pain, but because there didn't seem to be a mechanism to do so.

 Now, 4 days later, and still in a cast, the ankle still hurts quite a bit. I can't support any weight on it and while very very sore from my ankle down, I also seem to have pain from the ankle up to about my calf as well.

 Given these details, can anyone tell my why what seems to be a severe sprain only resulted in the golfball-sized lump? Have I possibly torn tendons or ligaments? I was seen in a medicentre by a general practitioner on a Saturday morning - was I misdiagnosed? And if so, should I be re evaluated?


Bruising has appeared. Though I still have my cast on, I can clearly see that my last three toes are purple from bruising and red blotches have appeared at the base of my toes, which is all I can see.

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