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Her every nike shox turbo xii sale day indulging in memories often

Posted Dec 27 2012 3:32am
When she put away the luggage, got into the back seat of his father's, and she knew she was going to leave her, leaving that a friend had given her joy. Travel time, no hugs and cry: they said good smile both hands; travel time, she did not look back: They say good courage, no turning back, as long as hearts remember like. She thought she would be strong enough to leave.Her that summer learning independent, sincere friend to give a role model. However, when she came to a strange environment, encountered a lot of strange people, she confused, terrified, she did not know of the measures, the only thought is that friend.Her every nike shox turbo xii sale day indulging in memories often Yangtianzhangtan, always thought she was just temporarily lost its way. She forget tomorrow may be too late to change, once passed through yesterday and farther away.

She, like the zombie-like fall, fall. Even test the famous countdown, indifferently looked at the scores, Tude sneer. Some said she was calm, take it easy, some people say to her without thinking without thinking. Only she would know, that is a price to pay, only she knew only their own dependence so that she did not know how to cheer. Loneliness is frightening, it can push the cold "cave", regardless of whether nike shox experience for sale you just how warm the world, you will find that the world is so quiet and lonely. When I was walking alone on the road, looking at the sky, I saw the aircraft flying in the sky. Another large aircraft when it flew to the sky away from it a few kilometers distance we can see it's just a small. Insignificant as an ant, even an invisible black specks. But the passengers on the plane to see the infinite vastness of the continents, oceans rise gradually as the aircraft and blend into that last only a yellow and blue intersect an image painting.
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