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He was ousted, the very next day change

Posted Dec 03 2012 6:27am
 He was ousted, the very next day change. cheap air jordan 11 retro uk He turned out to be a secret room vice director, office of the deputy director, deputy director of cadres, so to roll. Roll, not a month off, underworld umbrella, hanging them up. Who fought for? Shapingba Branch police detachment now deputy commander Xiong Feng played, is sitting on a tiger stool, and fixed together, with fists, electric batons beat, hit the two ear hemorrhage, intracranial hemorrhage. Now he is deputy mayor took office held a global 2400 cadre congress, open to give the man a vindication. Give him with a car, or deputy manager, had spent 300 days more than 10 months salary, bonus, allowance as usual, very honest person.Wang Lijun just defy laws human and divine. He wanted to see who does not like to take on the spot. Yes, Xin Jianwei another thing. Neither the detention has not arrested, without any judicial procedures, what procedures did not get more than 300 days, a six lens came out. Vindicated. He is now looking for me? I said what do you want? The party and the organization will give you vindicated, reinstated back to your car, you want to do? I also want to sue Wang Lijun, for he omitted crime, I said Oh, did you talk to Wang Lijun for me, but also get a missing crimes. He now cheap air jordan 12 retro uk every day around me, just want to investigate Wang Lijun. His words ah, said Wen if can shoot one, Wang Lijun the ten thousand. Such people, such a thing.The numerous small and there were many discussions. If: @ Hu Shuli: Li Zhuang said, make one's hair stand on end. Xue barbarian: Wang Lijun incident exposes the ugly dark is with one's hair standing on end.
2, city sanitation system of open recruitment cleaner post interview, including a high degree of examinee. A graduate student interview, because have a stable career preparation, so don't mind when a sanitation worker. The reporter understands, car driver job interview list and time will be in the near future in the recruitment website.Postgraduate candidates:For the establishment of stable work2 day at 7 in the morning, Sun Qi and the other into the interview candidates as early cheap air jordan 13 retro uk to the Harbin Institute of technicians, waiting to interview.
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