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have been Spanish a move for the jugular,

Posted Dec 18 2012 2:28am
playing a unprepared, then Spanish in the area and run a bus, real Madrid exquisite short game thoroughly can find no way out, on which it is nothing but winger cristiano ronaldo breakthrough, therefore has become key attention object. Every time a Cheap Air Jordan 2012 real Madrid 7 picked up the ball, side there are at least two players staring at, a step into the box, defender forint like plaster as stick and cristiano ronaldo. While real Madrid in the helpless, cristiano ronaldo suddenly had a brainwave, a fly, tread the shot the ball into the goal to abruptly, real Madrid before halftime tighten nerve suddenly loose down. This is cristiano ronaldo at real Madrid scored 126 league goals, he has tied the real Madrid team history sixth heng "records, at the same time under coach jose mourinho has scored 100 league goals, and only spent 88 games, cristiano ronaldo efficiency is surprising. At the beginning of the second half, real Madrid will play more open, after all, two teams and is in the same starting line. Game no minutes, pepe in the left passing to cristiano ronaldo, cristiano ronaldo out a record of the pen that nods eyeball of the ball, for forward blunt Cohen, Russell Westbrook Shoes lang created on his own opportunities, three Portuguese between cooperation, for real Madrid scored the second goal. After real Madrid still has a lot of opportunities, but always distance goal also sent the paste paper not crush. But the Spaniard simple spell able play, almost ZhaoZhao deadly, before the end of the second half is near a corner play for real Madrid in defence, known as the "real Madrid buster," said the albin scored a goal from the confusion, real Madrid in their own home the watched three points into a points. Barcelona's rivals, the Spanish people, Allen Iverson Shoes completely killed Barcelona league title rivals real Madrid hope, it's ironic how much. But the taste of the Spanish champions real Madrid flavor, suddenly without power, therefore can not find the source of struggle. And cristiano ronaldo heart has been Shouting: "I want to win, I want to win." He therefore still kept fighting, but was the stock can't change weakness are surrounded by deeply... Atletico Madrid game, messi has written about yourself and your record of a new chapter. The Argentine has been used to break to pieces broken, impossible to break the record. This Sunday, in the nou camp brace, messi and set up a personal record: magic career first continuous 6 wheel la liga match on the drama of the brace. The last time, into the stadium fans embrace messi, act extreme, but expression of is to macy's admiration. In the atletico Madrid before the game, messi has on real betis, Reebok Answer 12 athletic bilbao, levante, zaragoza's match against mallorca on the brace, the last also can resist messi against celta, although Barcelona 3-1 win over a galician team, but macy failed to goals, goals are Alva, villa and adriano. However, messi on the pitch is not keen to choose rivals. To his team-mate javier mascherano RAC1 station in an interview said: "I will messi compare to killer, of course, this is from football level. He to the court, is to collect victim." Before the game to atletico Madrid, Lionel messi is expected to record, for atletico Madrid is la liga is messi an opening goal most times team. Each soccer team against barca, will create a trapped lock messi cages and atletico Madrid is no exception, said before the atletico Madrid, with Miranda and GeDing the two South American player, to trap dead messi. This is obviously not possible, match the 57th minute,
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