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Genius rookie: very excited to rocket morey: he is expected to become the top

Posted Feb 22 2013 1:56am
league is the most sought-after star, but in ten years ago, in his 17 years old the age, as kobe Bryant said "only buss saw my potential." Today, before the start of the match Bryant called on all the fans for buss, the silence on the big screen playing the bass memorial short, all the lakers put on a buss name abbreviations Nike Air Max i shirt, and even company scale is replaced by the black.And in the game, the lakers after the start after a slow soon dominate advantage, single quarter they off and divided into final win lays the foundation, kobe Bryant, Howard completely don't see contradictions, in the game together, the lakers all starters score in double figures, and the bench cut down 15 points jamison, the winning way, is undoubtedly the most want to see old buss. In the bath the day he died, a lot of media said buss biggest regret is not to see the lakers back on track, and over SuDi Boston, Los Angeles one can continue today's good state, with more success for the heaven old buss sent to comfort?Beijing Nike Air Max TN time on February 21,, the rockets were with the sun and the king made a deal with the king, in the trading the rockets get the 2012 5 show Thomas Robinson, Francisco - Garcia and harney carter, at present the king has announced the deal officially completed. As for the rockets, the deal is the core of the Robinson, them out two projection type power forward, for a height 6 feet 10 traditional inside. College age Robinson averaging can off close to 19 + 9, a prospect is widely valued quality inside. For the future of Robinson, the rockets general manager daryl morey is also very good. "Robinson is a great development space player," morey said. "he played with a lot of energy, he can run, Nike Air Max 360 can rebound, he is a growth potential for the league's top star guy." In giving away patterson (micro bo) and morris, the rockets 4 bit only Robinson, mo Thai jonas kazlauskas and Jones, but morey said rotation is not a problem, because they are ready to let mo Thai jonas kazlauskas get more opportunities, but also to the Greg Smith more playing time. In that they were after the deal, Robinson was very excited, because before the king effect, although your for 5 show, but he is averaging time very little. In came to the rockets, he most likely will directly top to start position."For me, I will be in a great position," Robinson said, "I am very happy and get a chance, a chance to play every day, I will try very hard to work hard, to play on the pitch, I joined a competitive team, this for me is not only an opportunity, but also a Nike Air Max 360 Mens good challenge." "I want to try our best to seize the opportunity, give the team strong, rebound, the offensive end around the potential, trying to make his teammates better, to join the rockets really excited, now I came to a opportunity to compete playoff spot team, must be good." In that they were after the deal, be included in the deal cole - aldridge, Douglas are interviewed, their emotions are very low. Aldridge said: "obviously, in the middle of the season to be traded very suffered, we are at the start of the campaign together play, in the middle of the season was sent away will feel very difficult. The rockets gave us the playing time, play with each other the opportunity, we can't say more thank the team, this is we will remember - the team everyone, we have been through all kinds of ups and downs. We are all friends, no hate each other, that's about it." And Douglas, said: "this is part of the business, you must prepare yourself, because you never know when it will be traded)."
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