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Four ways to built concrete batching plant

Posted Mar 08 2013 1:07am

Four ways to built concrete batching plant
1.Concrete batching plant host system and feeding batching system must be configured

according to the duration of the project,the total amount concrete,daily concrete amount,so

that to meet daily maximum concrete production.One set concrete mixer and batching system

are one production line.General engineering can set up a production line,large and

important project should be set two production lines,arranged in parallel, symmetrical, in

order to ensure the uninterrupted supply of concrete for the project.One project can only

be set one concrete batching plant,also can be set concrete batching plant by district or

focus on setting a large concrete batching plant then matched with concrete trucks;that is

can be determined according to actual situation.
2.Area of sand and stone must be large enough to meet the requirements of project

consumption,and it’s convenient to feed supplement;Sand and stone stacked by district,to

prevent mixing caused by the concrete graded inaccurate.With loader feed and gravel were

neatly stacked; venue to be hardening, convenient loader loading and prevent dirt and other

debris into the aggregate.
3.One concrete batching plant has 1-2 pools,in order to ensure requirements of concrete

mixing and cleaning.One production line must has two matched silos,3 silos is best,Used in

rotation or replenish, to meet the needs of the production of concrete, but without making

cement backlog.
4.As for the transport of completely concrete way can choose concrete pump or

transportation vehicles.Concrete pump as the basis in order to meet convey distance and

height and concrete availability,it installed front of the concrete mixer,pump tube

connected to the puring ground.If concrete pump can not irrigate far place,can choose

transportation vehicles.

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