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Christmas girl dress is not much

Posted Jan 15 2012 6:54am

9 years ago god gave me his, 3 years ago and he has given me her, ChanChuang I will say them in the Lord's prayer gave birth to a daughter. My life every day is god's faithfulness.


Go to a bank on Friday, opening the heart pure first account every month, the children's allowance full save, and the girl grew up can free yourself. Clerk asked us in 18 years old or limited in 20 years old, her opinion 20 years old should be relatively ideal age. And at that time, was starting to feel, can the sea by rich girl jump. There has been no shame in time open the account, can put two years I accounts of the subsidies have turned. Think of heart pure niang came to, pocket of the meters much, his dad is Mr Moonlight, and this guy started than parents lucky, hoped later don't do STH over and over again into moonlight girl.


Now she is too small to be no concept of these traps. Just take a shower, clothes and haven't had time to wear. Found the Christmas hat is happy. Took the opportunity to rob a few pieces of, the smiling face of pure vivid moved me: happy is not in the clothes, happiness not too much packaging.


Christmas gift is not. When Jesus to earth born in a stable, go on the cross. Thank god for family own kith health peace, in every day of Thanksgiving, often think I how worthy of so much blessing.


December 19,, is her mother-in-law's birthday, want to ask what kind of gift, the old man wish is all sit together, on the day the morning her sister died in another city. She didn't shed in our face, but I think for her cry, life is short.

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