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China and the United States with the

Posted Dec 03 2012 6:41am

China and the United States with the air jordan 2011 shoes sale Pacific countries, and the wide Pacific, there is enough space to accommodate between the two big powers. U.S. "welcomes a strong,

prosperous and peaceful China" stance and explore the attitude of building a new type of relations among major powers and China, should be affirmed. However, building

a new type of big power relations between China and the United States, not just talk about it workable. The United States must learn to respect China's major core

interests, less duplicity stupid things.

It is noted that the Japanese media is unwise for the United States Senate to make the following interpretation: Once the Sino-Japanese conflict on the Diaoyu Islands

issue, as Japan allies of the United States air jordan 2012 uk shoes sale
, would interfere with or even directly intervene by force, the U.S. Senate move was intended to contain China.

On the Diaoyu Islands issue, the Japanese right-wing politicians have been tied to fantasy and the United States, and seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people

and the challenges of the post-war international order acts of courage. Japanese House of Representatives election around the corner, China policy has become the focus

of heated debate in Japan's three major political parties, the party. The right-wing parties in order to win votes, Competition China hardline intention to strengthen

the defense of the Diaoyu Islands. The U.S. Senate's unwise to encourage the arrogance of the right-wing forces in Japan, and even allowed to make a strategic


Diaoyu Islands issue is related to China's sovereignty, the United States must be fully aware of the highly sensitive nature of the issue, proceed from the overall

interests of regional peace and stability, cautious not to intervene in the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, not to do anything that might intensify

contradictions and make the situation more complex thing.

The firm will and determination to safeguard territorial sovereignty can not be shaken, on the major issues air jordan i shoes sale
related to the country's core interests, the Chinese

government and people will never retracted.
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