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Posted Nov 20 2012 1:30am
 of circulation, but unfortunately also the time to deepen ...... 【Thinking into the sea, and read into mourning】 "Fallen flowers Montreal grind to time going around in circles continue with an early winter season, gradually from cheap new york giants jersey  the cold wind, deep and distant night sky, flower like butterflies wind dance, and charming bloom and then continue lonely dying mud, into Chunni more retaining spring flowers leave in order to better protect the roots, my silence to you from harm, but miss the critical acclaim, such as the sea, in the thoughts as they watch, mind between raging . Sunset desert sand, the number of old trees faint crow, residue to Decahedral twilight, the Lethal wind thundering, tricks Grievances operator providence this cocoon, count to last it is difficult to wake up. "Do not know who the passage Borrowing to here exactly. I'm in your siege where you cheap indianapolis colts jerseys under the stars, always find themselves unable to shoot itself in the foot, always escape the aura of radiation in the sky you shine, helpless thoughts with thoughts extend love thinking into the sea, read into mourning. I love to write about painting, like your love, your love, fleshed narcissism. Adonis is thought that the Arab thinking of the great masters, remember that he said: "people have the right to freedom of expression, but the reality that some things can not be written something like their privacy, but the reality is not written in the text, such as own dream, completely faithful to reality will lead to the death of poetry, the most tough prison yourself, because it has no walls. "Although I am not a poet, but naked leap off the paper, not subtle. Ah! Most tough prison fence you to how I can escape, escape the castle of love, love to heartache, love to

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  osteoclasts into mourning, lamenting love behind, how many helpless Ho he
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