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Calibrating the Notebook Battery

Posted Feb 27 2013 10:15am
                                Calibrating the Notebook Battery

Calibrating the battery means recharging it at its maximum capacity and resetting the meter to display the level of charge accurately.

The battery meter in Windows system tray can not correctly display the battery charge level when a notebook is new or when not used for a long period. If the battery gauge becomes inaccurate, use one of the methods below to calibrate the battery meter reader.

Calibrate the battery while the computer is in use.
The calibration cycle requires that the battery be fully charged and then discharged. During the calibration cycle, the power management properties must be disabled to allow charging of the battery.

Follow the steps below to calibrate the meter reading of battery power.
1.Connect an AC adapter and allow the battery to charge to 99% to 100% capacity.
2.Unplug the AC adapter from the notebook.
3.Click Start in the Control Panel and Power Options .
4.Select Create a power plan in the sidebar.
5.Click the Name field of the plan, type Calibrator. Then press Enter.
6.Select Never for all topics Column On battery .
7.Click Create to accept the values and force the battery to consistently discharge.
8.Allow the battery to discharge completely until the notebook is closed.

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