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Because it was new to him

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:48am
Because it was new to him, and he looks really fit, though he has very decent when responding to concerns.Because he has won plenty of attention, the situation is gradually changing.Opponent team is studying how to conduct his defense, players were ready to focus on him, Nick, on the poor understanding between players and assistant coaches Mike · Sherwood Forest (Mike Woodson) replaced deandongni as the head coach, is bound to change the team'sjordan retro 7 sale   offensive system, which makes Lin Shuhao may not be able to maximize its effectiveness.Lin Shuhao, all of this is a new area.Lin Shuhao has fully demonstrated its can bring what combat skills to NBA teams, now he needs based on these skills, gradually reducing their mistakes in the match, further consolidating their position in the Union.

Rockets in the second half and finally turning the corner.Section III you have 9 minutes 58 seconds, Lin Shuhao CIC hit, that was his home for the first time in the campaign scored in the civil war, rockets would score to 52-59.Marcia gay Harden'sjordan retro 12 sale breakthrough also restored some lethal, when more than half of this section, bothering dribblers and chase after his breakthrough, rocket behind only to 62-63.Walker in this section at the end of the two-hit third, Bobcat 81-74 advantage for the former three.Distal rockets continue to pursue, as harden steals dunk rocket 84-83 lead for the first time.Harden continued rush basket in the rising confrontation.Walker hit a career high score, Forlì and Delfino successively into a long shot.40 seconds before the end of the game, foul hadengchong baskets and recycling, rocket 98-94 establishment of winning potential.Bobcat panic, not even voted, harden continued to foul Gilberto.Final rocket 100-94 play Kay.

NBA official website news, Cleveland Cavaliers today announced that team Center Anderson-walaiqiao which is the lungs of the blood clot (pulmonary thromboembolism) reimbursement of the season.Walaiqiao local time into the Cleveland Medical Center on Thursday, he received a blood thinning treatment, he will be staying here for a few days for further observation and treatment.It is learned that walaiqiao need to receive three months of blood thinning treatment.Due to full recovery takes a long time, so he will miss Cleveland all remaining games this season.Walaiqiao is because the thigh tendon injuries truce until he had surgery in local time on January 10, was found a week after surgery of pulmonary blood clots appear.Before the injury, walaiqiao played one of the most remarkable season of his career, were 14.1 points grab 14.4 rebounds.
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