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Beasts! Kobe Bryant was after the defeat of their fans from queen's towelling coverlet stole it

Posted Mar 07 2013 3:01am
Last night's challenge of thunder game, kobe Bryant and the lakers but lose a game, and according to yahoo sports report, surprising is that, in the way of kobe Bryant went back to the dressing room, incredibly have a fans secretly took kobe Bryant's a white towel, Peter is supposed to be the disrespect. Yesterday against thunder, the Nike Air Max 2012 Womens lakers were early open points difference, they once backward and points, but in the second half, the lakers on strong counterattack, once the points gap down to 5 points, but the end of the match, 6 minutes in the lakers' offense suddenly dumb fire, was scoreless just watched thunder will win away. In the game, the lakers not only lost the ball, also hurt the three main, respectively is kobe Bryant, Howard and CiShiPing. Although your right elbow ulna contusion, Bryant is still adhere to the battle, but also sent out the magic 3 + 1, the off (the 30 points, but it still can't help the lakers win. After the game, depressed Bryant low head toward the dressing room, he was around the shoulders of two saturated with sweat white towel. However, in the kobe Bryant will leave on both sides of the channel fans area, a shot that kobe fans suddenly a white towel stolen, the whole process very quickly, and always low head forward Bryant seems to be no notice, or he doesn't care about. Through the video can see, the fans wearing purple golden shirt, seems to be a lakers fans. However, such action or Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 by the American media criticism, think this is Peter to the disrespect. At the same time, also has the media, said don't know what is the purpose of the fans, collection is saturated with sweat towels do souvenirs, or going to trade. Seems to fans in the match yesterday very grab an eye, but it is worth mentioning that, yesterday a lakers fans, because ashamed to see people to pretend to thunder fans. "In fact, I am a lakers fans, but don't tell others. Here the ball, I have to put on the shirt of thunder, pretending to thunder fans." This guy says. Since 2008 the Toronto raptors hasn't been to the playoffs, this season look this is still a distant goal. In case the guy before trading, raptors record was 16 - and negative, since the guy to Toronto to play the game, the Toronto raptors since record is 7-8 negative. At present guy averaging can boom 20.9 points, is the highest. In these matches guy also contributed two juesha. The 75 - year - old the lakers legend jerry west Nike Air Max 2011 Mens not only in players period legion prominent, as the general manager for the lakers during the construction of a contribution, this is the lakers' "godfather". West in the warriors as an adviser, told USA today in an interview, he lebron and Michael Jordan's comparison, former club the lakers such topics are voiced their opinions. Webster: I must say now lebron is in another world. He is that kind of ten years see players. See him play, you know his teammates are very love him. Now the only thing you can't do is through the title as measured by the number, you can evaluate his comprehensive skills. He is very unselfish superstar, so that players don't common. As long as he wants to, can every year when the league scoring, but he would rather through other ways to beat you, even if it means to give up the ball. His growth is very special. I will be very willing to him as my teammates.West: I don't know, that was just a label. The difference between us and them Nike Air Max 2011 Womens is that they are in DianFengQi. But Elgin when injuries. I also because of a knee injury as before, wirt was close to the end of his career. We can't get a championship, because Elgin before that retired. I know people don't like Miami gathered together the three of them, but I feel great.
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