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Article, the original title of the United States

Posted Dec 03 2012 6:42am

Article, the original title of the United States, air jordan iv footwear sale"Defense News" magazine December 1: U.S. defense analyst misjudge China?

Chinese people in the pursuit to become a top weapons power process show the ambition level and guts, Western experts are concerned about China's military

modernization is being misread and underestimated?

Again and again, Western analysts said the fighter R & D in China behind the United States for many years. They said China's new aircraft carrier with the U.S. Navy

fleet is pretty, but one minute contest. They also said that China will take several years to achieve fighters landing aircraft carrier. But in the last two years,

China has two new stealth fighter unveiled. When air jordan v shoes sale
the photos appeared, skeptics said it is synthesized. Then, when the stealth fighter flight video appears, these

experts said disapprovingly that will never put into mass production prototype ...

China's military aviation industry is indeed weakness, especially in engine development, but its progress is remarkable the. In November, there are several examples to

illustrate China seems to be a few years ahead of schedule, rather than many Western analysts claim are years behind.

The British analyst Gary Lee said: "If you are talking about is as powerful as the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier capacity ', then the answer is' No' if U.S. analysts

based on their understanding of the development of naval power, and the U.S. Navy experience, that China obviously do not have the (This ability). "However, the

Chinese people now engage not set.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore S. Rajaratnam School said: "The recent Chinese aircraft carrier air combat training that the development of the PLA Navy's
air jordan vi shoes for sale

aircraft carrier combat capability is much faster than many Western observers expected Sam Bateman, Senior Fellow of the International Institute for maritime security

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