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Anta 600 million to buy the

Posted Jun 17 2012 1:03pm

, reported that the ANTA Sports after the Olympic Games in 2008, enormous amounts of money, beat Adidas and Li Ning, the Chinese Olympic Committee exclusive sports apparel sponsor.

spared no expense to 600 million to buy the "Golden identitythe

from the 2012 London Olympics only two months time, ANTA Sports high-profile announcement of the exclusive sponsor of the Chinese sports The delegation of Olympic champion receiving awards.

flag raised and national anthem of the moment, and label their own brand - out of the sports brand from Fujian Jinjiang placed the number of proud Olympic sponsor for the most gold "position" nike free run 2 and determined to win, "Long service named champion in the sporting goods industry, first to publish the Olympic strategy, it is also hope to pass 'on behalf of China' and 'the essence of representatives of sports' brand image. Ding Shizhong, Chairman of ANTA Sports Board of Directors, said.

top events and sports resources not only direct the carrying amount of income, its core value is to enhance the brand a high degree of strong brand awareness with consumers, is very valuable for the brand re-positioning It is also now the most need. "ANTA Sports vice president Zhang Tao said in an interview," For the Olympic marketing, in particular, need you to tell a good story, and then, the brand resonates with consumers.

turned Olympic Committee (IOC) "strategic partner"

as the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) at the highest level of "strategic partner" in 2009. After lengthy negotiations after the Beijing Olympic Games, the ANTA Sports finally reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese Olympic Committee, 2009-2012 Chinese Olympic Committee, sports apparel partner.

Under the agreement, the Chinese Olympic Committee, the first time the Olympic nike free run 5.0 cycle, 2009-2012, packaged, ANTA Sports is authorized to sponsor the Chinese sports groups to participate in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games 11 major international events in the 2012 London Olympics champion equipment - "cooperation involving the rights and interests cover a wide years of long and high sponsorship amount is unprecedented in the history of the Chinese Olympic. "ANTA Sports executive director and chief operating officer Lai Shixian public.

agreement between both parties can not disclose the specific amount of sponsorship, but most of the market analysis pointed out that under the previous sponsorship figures, the level of sponsorship of ANTA Sports is locked in at least 600 million yuan from top to bottom.

final win from six sports brands including Adidas, Nike and Li Ning is obviously not easy, the Chinese Olympic Committee Marketing Commission Director of Maji Long said: "This is the Chinese Olympic history of sponsorship of the single largest amount of cooperation, sponsorship has exceeded the threshold of the TOP (top-level sponsor) program.

won the Chinese Olympic Committee this list indeed has invested enormous resources, there nike free running are price-sponsored statement, but we feel the value. "Tao said," can bring the value of the top events, top sports stars and top sports resources, to enhance the brand has a multiplier effect, such intangible value-added opportunities for a business, not always touch to.

Olympic Games to create a new brand image

brand enhancement, right from Jinjiang out the ANTA Sports is now the most direct expression is to create "national "and" national "brand tonality.

The 2012 London Olympics, for us both a challenge and an opportunity. We hope the public can feel the the Anta equipment will not only together with the Chinese army expedition London to witness the moment of glory, better reflect the maturity and strength of the sporting goods industry today. "Ding Shizhong think.

this month, as the partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, ANTA Sports first announced start of the Olympic marketing strategy - during the Olympic Games in London, ANTA Sports will work with the Chinese Olympic Committee, established by the & ldquo ; China House "in close, the depth of cooperation, with the highest resources of the home during the Olympic Games, Chinese media and brand communications faster, more authoritative Men's Nike Free Run+ 2 Shoes voice platform, the first time sound; and Meanwhile, ANTA Sports will be the depth of cooperation with the International Olympic Committee to pass the Olympic spirit at the same time, market, merchandise, marketing effective combination; hand in the CCTV Olympic Channel, to create the Olympic viewing environment; together domestic and foreign first-tier brand across border cooperation, joint promotion of the Olympic Games.

according to the publicly disclosed financial statements of ANTA Sports, mid-2011 Olympic advertising and promotional rates rose to 12.6 percent in 2012 rose further to 14% - in accordance with a 2011 turnover of 8.9 billion calculations, including Olympic sports marketing costs have more than 1.2 billion yuan.

However, the industry believes that the sponsorship of the Chinese Olympic Committee is a money-losing investment is very risky, but the operation is successful, returns. ANTA Sports is the exclusive sponsor of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the right to market development, but the short term is still difficult to exceed the Li Ning brand influence, Anta and Li Ning is still lagging behind.

long-term tracking of sports marketing an analyst said in an interview that the 2012 London Olympics as Men's Nike Free XT Shoes the world's top sporting events, businesses, the Olympic marketing investment may be disposable, but the effect of brand penetration affected long-term, despite the current market price of the Olympic Games sponsorship is climbing, but its spread effect is still worth the investment, while a more realistic problem is that the enterprise expensive opportunity, if you do not compete, others will away, So, from both the corporate strategy or the company's future development, the strength of the company will do.

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