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Alpine skiing garment manufactures Spyder Jacket developed a pipeline system

Posted Dec 07 2012 1:06pm

Before the winter Olympic Games in 1994, alpine skiing garment manufactures Spyder Jacket developed a pipeline system with bumps to increase resistance from the frication of a suit. The suit was prohibit to wear after the Olympic Games, because it will make the athlete’s advantages is becoming more apparent, and this kind of suit only can be used by American athletes. The 2004 Olympic Games is the Olympic return to hometown, “science and technology winning theory” of the new worship of Greek beats the humanistic care. Nike designed a special sleeveless connects body sportswear for Canada kayak, it is said that this can reduce the resistance 3%, to get a advantage of eight feet games.

Nowadays, it seems that this problem doesn’t exist in Spyder swimsuit. According to the FINA rule stated that the swimsuit manufacturers must make sure that all the players have the right to have new swimsuit. But the question is, only the big shot can be awarded by manufacturers,
Spyder Women Ski Wear and to be the first learned this massage and try the new products. Average athlete must buy it themselves. In many times, in order to get the award, they have to give up using other brand. A few days ago, Pieter van den Hoogenband said:” I am suspend that no one can get the swimsuit in a shop now, and this is a international rules, but no one check his swimsuit after the game in Thorpe.”

In the 80s, there is a manufacture invented the adhesion to glue the table tennis bat, due to the discover that volatile solvent glue sponge micro hole full of gas in a time, the flexibility of the racket enhanced obviously, with a strong rotating speed that players almost spinning, it can’t return the ball back. Later, for the discover of the rapid glue contains toxic ingredients to human body, the International
Spyder Men Ski Jackets federation banned the use of it. But the question is, as long as the applied technologies were not detected the harmful ingredients to human body, is it reasonable? Is worth our praise of new technology? While this kind of state may also exit only in the imagination.

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