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4 in a row! The mavericks sole rebound strongest note with their action return question

Posted Jan 18 2013 3:29am
105-100, although the process has some breathtaking, but the mavericks finally successful scored the rockets, their winning streak to four games steps extension. Although they are presently record or only 17 games and negative, but compared to some time ago, the morale of the team has greatly improve. As the boss mark Cuban said, this team this season is not over, HouCheng rise the playoffs? Who dare say impossible. Before the game, ESPN huo ling help mavericks worked out the Nike Shox OZ playoffs this year, the probability of only 5.4%. Of course, this is not a given data, is simply the mavericks at present according to the record, the use of computer simulation, the rest of the tournament in 5000 times simulation work out specific probability. While the mavericks just over forty percent of losing to want to come back to the first eight apparently hope is frail, but, they not believe in heresy. In huo ling operation system, and such a numerical, he can work out the mavs this season may be the best results: 51 wins and negative, the worst is 22 wins sixty negative. And the performance of the team from the current view, they seem to is to the right direction. At this stage, the four-game winning streak in the league has become one of the most sought-after team, now only thunder than their hands holding a long streak. In the process, we should not ignore the team owner mark Cuban credit. A recent period of time, the library class repeatedly appeared before the media put words, he first declare not trade the team core players nowitzki, then more comment "library class bank" officially open, means in the trade deadline before introducing right-hand man, thus helping the team impact first eight. On Nike Shox Turbo the other hand he also give players the death command, every game to spell, in his mind not to give up this concept. Even before the start of the season, because two years ago the title that set of squad has been scattered about, no one eye on them, the library class also admitted the club in gradually into the reconstruction phase, but he is not equal to the reconstruction of the team to give up season to pursue picks, he hopes to be able to a positive state to excessive. Four games, there is no lack of like Memphis and today rocket such teams, which with the Memphis grizzlies, they also won more than 21 points, so we can see that their determination. Since since 2000, played 82 games in the regular season, the mavericks haven't been insufficient games fifty field phenomenon, losing all maintain at 60% above, is one of the largest even more than 80%, there is no doubt that this is a good team. This season is their relative hard for a period of time, but if the library class can introduce reinforcements, it is not impossible to reverse the situation. But now there is a serious problem, and then they will have against thunder and the SAN Antonio spurs, this will be their and Nike Shox NZ 2 a difficulty, may of this they have plenty of time to rest, the shock stage play? Everything is possible. "I will continue to do myself," Howard said, "I will continue to do what I have been doing, it is these things make me in the past 9 years success. I can't stop smiling, that is my way of life, if there is opinion, we can talk about. I'm playing basketball, the team gave me a lot of money, is to let me to play basketball. "I will continue to enjoy, I don't care whether others opinion. He has had his own career, but it has become the past. Don't try to tell me how to need to play, because I think it is very stupid things. I never judge him how to play. I like to smile doesn't mean I treat the competition is not serious. I came here to win, I came here to take over a game, I still will continue to smile."Dallas today at home against the rockets, the former squad striker dirk nowitzki continue to start for him to play the 33 points in 26 seconds, and 7 had 19 points and eight rebounds, including 10 points from the minor details, help the mavericks in a 105-100 win. The final 2 minutes and seconds, the mavericks leading only 1 minute, in the face of Delphi's defense, nowitzki selection in the Nike Shox Fashion bottom line on the right side of perimeter position back jump shot, basketball somebody hit the basket. Two minutes later, and he was fouled, after a steady 2 2, single fourth quarter his personal get 10 points, the key moment performance very grab an eye. The mavs this season record is not good, the Lord nowitzki should assume a lot of responsibility, the main reason is the influence of the injury.
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