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My name is Barefoot Moe and I simply LOVE being barefoot everywhere - yes even at work and on the streets! Aside from feeling great, being barefoot is extremely healthy, for one's feet as well as the rest of our bodies. I have been indulging in the pleasures and benefits of a barefoot lifestyle... Full Bio
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First VivoBarefoot Experience

I’m wearing today a not-so-new, and no longer manufactured, pair of VivoBarefoot “Franklin” boots I got from fellow barefooter (minimalist...

Winter Barefooting – Tackling the cold months while keeping our feet happy

I’m probably the least qualified person to ask about going barefoot (at least completely barefooted) in the winter, as I am not very accomplished...

Bigots and Barefooters

» A Guest Contribution by fellow Barefooter Christopher Younkin from The Being Barefoot Podcast. I read a disturbingly bigoted letter to the...

What do “they” think of “us”?

I always find it interesting to ponder about what non-barefooters think of us barefooter when they interact with us in public. A prevalent subject...

Altoids Tin (Barefooter’s) Emergency Kit

Despite we barefooters know barefooting is much safer than the average person might think, it’s always nice to be able to rely on a backup plan in...
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