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San Jose, California
I am a little bit of Awesome! Ok well I think so! I am blessed to have a job I enjoy and blessed to have a wonderful boss and cool co-workers! I do my best to learn all that I can from life, and I strive to grow and become a better person. I love my great qualities and am learning to accept those qualities that I don't like so much about myself. I truly do love people. I am a pretty active person and love to experience new things. My goal and purpose in life is to... Full Bio
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Feb 02 2010 by tristyw

Hi Barbara! It's great to see you on here and you're doing a great job on accomplishing your goals for 2010. :) Good luck!

 All the best,


Jan 15 2010 by Andrew K.


 You can do it. In fact, you will do it in 2010.  Here are some good things from an article on resolutions in the online Stanford Report.

§  Face, rather than flee from, the things that cause your stress.

§  Alter your perception of the problem.

§  Cope actively; find some aspect of the problem that you can do something about and then do it.

§  Express emotion.

§  Social support—creating a network of family and friends help people feel and be well.


Jan 12 2010 by sallan MK
thanks for adding me ur friend,,,,,,andd i really wanna know something about u.........