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Sicklerville, New Jersey
I'm a 30 year old Femme living with a number of chronic illnesses, including allergies, asthma, GERD, gastroparesis, IBS, and hypermobility syndrome. I hope to share my experiences and help empower other Lesbians and women living the "chronic life."
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My Funniest Healthcare Experience

I've been wanting to participate in a number of blog carnivals for the last few months, but the last job I had didn't allow me the...

Love Lesson 1: Stop

I have decided to stop looking for love and am putting the love lessons on hold. It's not that I've had a bad experience or anything. But...

Fat and Doctors

I have some more thoughts about why doctors are so willing to blame a fat patient's weight for their medical problems, rather than treating them...

Love Lesson 1: Obstacles Come to the Surface

The thing about putting out an intention is that it sets things in motion. I put out a pretty strong intention and now the Goddess is showing...

The New Haircut Part 2

Here's some more pictures taken just now - right before bed.
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