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Barbara R.

I lost a total of 65 lbs. I have successfully kept off 45-50 of those lbs. My goal is to live a life where I don't have to always watch my weight.
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Diet programs?

Has anyone tried any specific diet/weight maintenace programs recently?

My weight has stabilized out.

I think I need an adjustment on my activity.
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Mar 24 2008 by Debi P.

HI Barbara,

  Congratulations on your posted success.  It is wonderful to read that you have kept off 45-50 pounds of your weight.  I saw that earlier this month you were up to 40 minutes of workouts daily.  That is awesome... Keep up the great workouts while monitoring your intake and you will continue to shine :)  Glad to see you are going to see a nutritionist.  I work closely with one and it really helps round out the 'exercise' portion of a well-life plan.


Mar 24 2008 by Barbara R.

I am going to a nutrionist today.


Mar 12 2008 by Jennifer H.
Happy Birthday Mama!  

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