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Meadville, Pennsylvania
I’ve got my day job as a family law attorney, my night job as parent to three children with... Full Bio
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Sep 08 2009 by aflacduckfreak
aslo seep in blanket seepers and drink frum sippy cups to iaslo haves sensery isseues
Sep 08 2009 by aflacduckfreak
i curenlteley under a newroligist
Dec 02 2008 by Casdok
Thank you!!  :)
Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
You are welcomed! How are you and your kids?
Nov 28 2008 by Dianna
Hi there. I hope you are feeling better . . . I have been thinking of hibernating today, myself.
Nov 24 2008 by Dianna
Yes, I am trying to figure out this blog sort of thing. But how are you doing? How's life?