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Meadville, Pennsylvania
I’ve got my day job as a family law attorney, my night job as parent to three children with... Full Bio
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Do you ever outgrow inadequacy?

My stepmother killed herself when I was 13, on a night when I retreated to bury myself in The Wizard of Oz to avoid the fighting that led up to...

Snakes on a train

I’d counted on our cross-country AMTRAK trip to be an adventure, one like I’d never experienced. Certainly the delays and other foul-ups on...

Don’t assume, ask–a rule to live by

When I was a kid, maybe fourth or fifth grade, one of the highest honors you could get was to be chosen as a school crossing guard. Remember...

Summer trip, Part Two

I’ll start with the view from our campsite at Curry Hammock State Park which was interesting in a number of ways, including how close we were...

Florida fun!

Travel is really one of my thrills, and I was thrilled indeed to make a pilgrimage to my old stomping grounds in south Florida last month, with...

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Dec 02 2008 by Casdok
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