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I am a 36 yr old Aussie mum who loves everybit about her life. I have recently tripped over the Triathlon World and just love every thing about the training and racing. I have signed up for my first Half Ironman in May 2011 and cant wait. I have started to document my story in the form of a... Full Bio
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How do you feel?

AMAZING I feel seriously amazing. How about you? What has this last week brought forth to you? Whatever it was I sure hope it made you smile...

And so it begins again.

Its amazing how quickly life flies by without you even being truly aware of the momentum it has gained whilst your head has been immersed in all...

Fighting my way back.

Wow, cant get over how long it's been since I last put fingers to keyboard and entered a post. The last one was in June this year and boy,...

Because we can.

Sometimes you just have to step outside yourself and the daily grind you find yourself in, and do things for others to realise what it is you...

The tide is turning

Sometimes it is so hard to see beyond the fog. Life can become so thick with activity and in my case - injuries - its been hard to see the end...

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Jun 14 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
It's called the Iceman Cometh Challenge.  We will ride 28 miles from Kalkaska to Traverse City in northern Michigan on November 6.  Some years, it's snowing and cold.  Other years it has been warm and muddy.  Either way, it will be a long, messy ride.  It's not very technically difficult, but all off road.  I'll have to do lots of mountain biking this summer to get ready for it!
Jun 07 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
Wow!  A half Ironman is serious business!  Congrats and good luck!  I'm doing what I guess is a sprint tri - 0.5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 5 mile run for my first attempt at it.  After that, we'll see if I sign up for a couple more this summer.  I'm also doing a 30 mile mountain bike race in November, and I'm considering a marathon next year.
May 28 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
Yup, I'm following your blog!  I'm doing well.  Two weeks till my first triathlon.  Training has gone great, but I've been feeling a little under the weather the past couple days.  You?