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Auburn, Massachusetts
Hi everyone! I'm the face behind ! My name is Shawna, I’m 34 years old, and I live in Massachusetts with The Mr. and Little Miss C who is almost 4 years old. The Mr. and I have been together since I was just 17…a LONG time! I work from home full-time as a Marketing Communications... Full Bio
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A New Baby…sort of!

Our latest addition! Meet Frankie!!! Never in my life did I think I’d be a dog-owner again, nevermind a Shih Tzu owner! Saying...

Mmm, Cake!

Pan-cakes, that is! And more precisely, Protein Pancakes! These are super-easy, delicious and totally clean eats! Even more perfect...

You’re Eating Less, But You’re Not Hungry…Huh?

I mentioned in my last post that one of the major stumbling blocks to my weight loss was that I needed to eat less. When it comes down to it,...

What Are You Doing? You Look Great!

Recently, I’ve lost a bit of weight (22 lbs as of this post; I’m 5’2″ so it’s had an impact), and people I see every day are starting to take...

Too much going on

I have so much going on. Or do I? My head is spinning, but I think a lot of it is self-imposed. Like, do I really need to finish knitting that...

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