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Victoria, Minnesota
I'm a father of 3 boys and no way an elite athlete or in great shape. I’m just a regular Joe running through life and trying to survive one day at a time. Trying to stay happy, healthy and stress free through running. I have been competing in I races from 5k to half-marathons for over 5... Full Bio
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We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things

This is not a political comment. I was telling my son about the new Dave Matthews song "Gaucho" (I know, love him or hate him, sometimes...


Drove up to Duluth. Haunting memories of days gone by.

Dave Matthews Band - Mercy - YouTube

Dave Matthews Band - Mercy - YouTube : Its a Dave Matthews morning. Cool new song. Can't wait for the new album.

My new jam. John Mayer NEW SONG "Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey"

" My new Jam. Could only find the live version. I like his new album. He might have some issues, but I always say, “Listen to the Song,...

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Dec 22 2008 by lizmullikin
That's my short-term goal.  I have Jeff Galloway's training program for the 1/2 marathon.  My friends and I are going to start training in January for a May 31 1/2 marathon.
Dec 21 2008 by BaddApple ..
I'm only doing half marathons. They are more my speed. Because I'm only doing the half they don't show those on TV much. They show the marathoners on local TV for Grandmas in Duluth and Twin Cites. I think they might have shown the LifeTimes Triathlon I did last summer. I don't think I would be that fun to watch :-) but its a nice thought. Thanks for checking in. I'm still trying. 
Dec 05 2008 by thematrix777
So how is the marathon training going? Are you going to be in a televised one? If you are I thought I would watch it. It would be exciting to know someone in a race. This training has got to be hard. But you seem like you're doing good by the chart. Talk to you soon. I'll be watching your progress! Trudy Health Maven