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Vancouver BC, Canada
Hello! My name is Bronwyn and I'm a 20 something Canadian gal, obsessed with food, nutrition, health, exercise! I'm pretty much into all things that fall under the general headline of health. :) Please stop by my blog sometime anc check out what it's like trying to be a student and be a... Full Bio
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Where you can find me

Well, the time has come for me to move on. This blog was a good starting place, but I feel I’ve grown out of it. So I’m taking a leap, and...

I baked a Cake

This weekend I baked a cake. There wasn’t really a reason, no birthday, no special occasion, nothing extra special to...

Can’t Wait

I can’t wait… For it to Be Friday. I can’t wait… To finish up my homework (it’s never ending…). Nope I just can’t...

Day in the Life: Trip to the Production Site

Last week one of my favourite bloggers, Amber , did a Day In the life post. Apparently, they’ve been happening all over the web. How have I...

On That Fitness Thing

I realized it’s been ages since I updated you guys on my fitness thing. I only realized this when I was writing my birthday post last week,...

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