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Back & Neck Pain Community - Articles

DON'T SUFFER WITH CHRONIC PAIN IN SILENCE... by Barmac Some old school Brits have this 'stiff upper lip' attitude towards pain and tend to then suffer in silence. Lots of us apparently live with pain without tellin ... Read on »
HEADACHES AND BACK PAIN FROM WEARING THE WRONG SHOES... by Barmac They say that if your feet are misaligned when you are walking, then this can cause a chain reaction from your ankles to your neck, resulting in a headache and back ... Read on »
COMPLIMENTARY & ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES FOR PAIN... MY BOOK JUST PUBLISHED WHOOP... by Barmac I finally finished my book and with the help of a friend produced a brilliant cover, don't you think? Why I wrote this book... If, like me, you find that ... Read on »
ESSENTIAL OILS FOR AN EARLY MORNING LIFT... by Barmac Did you know that essential oils are great for changing our emotional mood. Apparently according to Aromatherapy Associates certain oils can help with that early m ... Read on »
ONE THERAPY TO EASE PAIN, TENSION AND EMOTIONS... by Barmac Myofascial Release is now becoming one of best known massage type of treatment for pain, tension and emotions. The aim of it is to release tension in the fascia, wh ... Read on »
TAPP YOURSELF BETTER WITH THE TAPPING SOLUTION... by Barmac The Book 'The Tapping Solution : A Revolutionary System for Stress Free Living by Nick Ortner. The Tapping Solution, by Nick Ortner is based on the principles ... Read on »
FEBRUARY IS NATIONAL HEART MONTH... by Barmac Every day 440 people in the UK lose their lives to heart and circulatory diseases and yet 75% of cases are preventable. The British Heart Foundation are asking ... Read on »
TALKING PILLOWS TO HELP YOU SLEEP.... by Barmac Having trouble sleeping? Well try the Sound Asleep pillow with music built in to help you sleep. Listen to your personal sounds that only you can hear with the ... Read on »
WORKING WITH CHRONIC PAIN... by Barmac I know I am far from alone in suffering from chronic pain, and I am sure I am far from alone in struggling to find work that is suitable for this problem. Tryi ... Read on »
WHERE ARE LIDNOCAINE INTRAVENOUS INFUSION'S AVAILABLE FOR PAIN? ... by Barmac As I am sure you will have seen from some of my previous posts, 'Lidnocain Intravenous Infusion' for chronic pain seems to be available in some NHS Hospitals but no ... Read on »