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Yoga and Back Health: Comparisons of a 30 Day Treatment Plan in India and a 6 Week Treatment Plan in San Francisco

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Very interesting recent research conducted in India reveals that there is a positive correlation between back pain and a high body mass index, high blood pressure and work-related stress, sitting posture, over-stretched muscles,and scoliosis. The study also concluded that a regular yoga practice can relieve this back pain by addressing the previously mentioned stresses. You should read this article. It is very interesting to see how the research was conducted in India and to learn about some of the health care programs available there.

After concluding that yoga was successful in relieving the back ache, the author of the study notes that patients who went home after their 30 day treatment and discontinued yoga experienced a relapse in the pain. I don't think that the DRX 9000 has made it to India yet (anyone?). Yoga really makes your back better,..... as long as you do it. The program discussed in the article illustrates the ideal situation of 30 days of inpatient yoga, massage, meditation, diet control, and relaxation strategies. This program is designed to heal back pain and teach the patient some lifestyle tools that, when employed, will maintain their newly discovered pain free state. Dr Davis' program involving the DRX 9000, diet, yoga, and massage is similar. It too is designed to alleviate pain due to herniated or degenerated discs, and it too entails a variety of wellness factors. However, the DRX has proved to be effective in actually providing permanent relief.

I am excited to find (or even contribute to?) further research on the topic of back pain, yoga, and spinal decompression, because it is becoming increasingly clear that there are effective solutions to back pain. It is not just a normal consequence of aging!

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