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XiBoTe know constant banned for west: we must each other maintenance

Posted Feb 28 2013 2:57am
In today's warriors synchronous walkers game, XiBoTe and David lee wait for the player to QuanWuHang staged. As one of the game, I'm afraid not XiBoTe said his league ban ticket. Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Final 6 points, 10 seconds, XiBoTe under the basket to rob rebound, but was David lee with his elbow away, before the referee whistle rang, furious with her hands XiBoTe David lee introduced edge, li back on the pitch after fierce with chest bump XiBoTe, conflicts in this outbreak. "Sprout god" garage immediately kill to come over to use both hands grabbed XiBoTe, but the latter will immediately Treasury fell on the floor, climb up the database after continue to stop XiBoTe, its to the audience, but now have lost calm again XiBoTe will garage down. Then Thompson, wes card also blunt come over, west across the people pushed than deling, and garage, two people fell down from the audience, and clay - Thompson also XiBoTe doubling the people down in the audience. Then the coach also blunt come over, will each player open, the conflict to subside. After repeated after discussions, the referee gave XiBoTe two technical fouls it directly ejected, and David lee, Thompson, garage, west each have a technical foul. After the game, XiBoTe in an interview, he said: I'm afraid not suspended punishment. "I did not even feel it he (Treasury)," XiBoTe said, "I see a light beige guy in my side, but I don't know the Thompson or garage, I only know a fair-skinned guy in my side." Nike Air Max 2012 At that time two or three players in dealing with XiBoTe, "west said," every day we preach and unity, so this is what we have to do, we want to maintain each other. "Another leading role after David lee for the conflict is just a word of belt," walker is always very advocate the body against the team, even if they are not the eastern most strong team, which is the most tough one of the team. "David lee said." Is a full body against the game, "Treasury said," both for the playoffs in sprint, competition strength will improve. "Is worth mention a, granger in the game back, the bench he contributed 5 points. Coach vogel said, looking forward to granger as soon as possible return to the starting line-up.The clippers at home to a 106-84 victory over the bobcats, obtains two winning streak, the bobcats fourth encounter. Griffin high percentage of 14 shots and cut down the 24 points and seven rebounds and assists, and in the game is all show dunk talent, help the clippers get a big win. Four quarter the detailed respectively: 30-24, 15-30, and - and, 21-24 (charlotte before). Clippers four players in double, griffin contribution 24 points and seven rebounds and assists, butler 16 points, seven rebounds, Jordan 13 points four shots, Barnes 17 points and seven assists, Paul seven points and assists. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Charlotte bobcats five players in double, Henderson 24 points three assists and steals, walker 15 points, five assists and steals, MuLun, 13 points and eight rebounds, sessions 11 points, mike Roberts 10 points. The first quarter bobcats will strike terror in people, Henderson in the process for scored eight points, help the bobcats played 12 - and start. But since then butler outside long shot three points, the griffin and Jordan, dunk on line, relying on the advantage of inside the switch into and flat. But after walker suddenly outside outbreak hit consecutive two record three points, help the team to lead again. The first quarter the bobcats a 30-24 lead the clippers. Time quarter Barnes long shot, the clippers will be quite substitute gap, then the score appear conglutination state. Jordan offense for even with penalty even get 5 points, butler long shot three points in the, the clippers again - again. Although walker a long shot, but griffin dunk again show the elegant demeanour, continuous twice on empty after his dunk bobcats inside, the clippers to 54-45 lead the bobcats. The second half competition Jordan continuous shot-blocking inroads, the clippers growing points difference. Although Henderson state fisher hit consecutive, but the clippers outside more sharp, continuous a 3-pointer to help keep the team lead. Nike Air Max 2012 Mens Lamar odom in the outside long shot, the clippers in the third quarter with a 82-63 lead the bobcats. Small game the clippers super substitute group to atone, Lamar odom and Barnes each hit three points, the clippers will take the lead to and points, the team then sent to substitute. Although the bobcats substitute returned once the points gap down to only 19 points, but with the clippers in the outside long shot, and finally the ball team or to a 106-84 victory over the bobcats.
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